iPhone 13 Pro, 12S, SE 3 & Apple Watch 7 Leaks!

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    3 months until launch! New \u0026 Exclusive iPhone 13 Pro Leaks! Final release date, price, 12S naming, Apple Watch Series 7 getting thicker, square body confirmed, thinner bezels, In-screen Touch ID \u0026 3nm chips in 2022 \u0026 more!

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    Last iPhone 13 Leaks

    - Exclusive leaks provided by Max Weinbach: MaxWinebach
    - Wallpapers by legendary AR7: AR72014

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    1. Alina Levina

      Do u really think its gonna be with a number 13?

    2. Emily Strickland

      I want a new phone but why are they so ugly :/ I got the XS and I feel like it looks better

    3. Remus

      "The cheapest 5g Smartphone" Tere is a OPPO a73 that costs 225€,there will never be a cheaper Iphone SE3

    4. Lily

      Just waiting for the iPhone 13 to come out so the price of the 12 pro MAX goes cheaper 💨

    5. 유성

      too bad the base model mini is still staying at 1000usd(840€) in italy...

    6. AC Collection

      Great video!

    7. CHUGI

      Last 4 years next iPhone is always going to get touch ID, until it does not😂

    8. Superchargeit

      People dont get false hopes. When it is released we know what apple has for us. Over expectations results dissatisfaction.

    9. Nima Emami

      I fr hope you release a banger of a vid next. I'm starving for IPhone13 news from you!!!!

    10. Ashthegr8 Gaming

      Help me decide , I have my money ready to get a new iphone , should i buy 12 pro max today or wait for 13 pro max ?

      1. Harvey

        I would never buy a new iPhone 2 months before new ones are expected to be released - might as well wait if you can, either you get a cheaper phone you would’ve bought or a better phone for the same price!

    11. Derek 58

      If you have an iPhone 11 or newer then there is no point

    12. Farrakh Muneer

      Obviously samsung is best!!

    13. Farrakh Muneer

      It's a kid on front of samsung galaxy s 20 or 21 ultra

    14. Emir Sakic

      Promo code not working...

    15. abdale officiall

      Pleas give me iphone 12 pro max pleas my big man

    16. Alexandra

      So wait until 2022

    17. B Sanchez

      Why they just don’t put a actual big camera lens 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Harri Elmer

        that's.... not how it works....

    18. GKWINZ

      Ok I believe most of what you say but iphone 12s ok we all know that's not happening what's the point and even if they did make it no one would buy it just look at the 12 mini no one really wanted it lol it was a waste

    19. pinky bens

      Please I will need your help am having a problem with my Apple ID so I can’t login to my iCloud account please can you help

    20. AwsM

      *So should I buy the iphone 12 pro i'm planning on buying next week ? I really don't like that diagonal camera layout on the iphone 13, neither the difference in the sensors on the pro models, they just look silly and not 'pro' and as sleek as apple's designs are know to be.*

    21. Frank Tomaro

      The Phone rebel cases are legit, I recently needed a new case for my iPhone X since my otter box was all beat up and ripped. Since it’s an older phone it’s hard to find a good quality case for it still than I remember about the phone rebel cases. Just got it today and put it with the screen protector and so, in my opinion it looks great, very light weight sleek design. Whenever I upgrade my phone I will be buying another case!

    22. Nox Next

      I would like to see an iPhone 12S Mini as a Pro-Version! Would buy that in an instant!

    23. Adnan

      Everything Apple pro E A P iOS 15 beta 3 is here

    24. Eric Keasler

      And on the fingerprint tech if it’s too difficult to include inscreen why can’t the Apple emblem on the back of the phone be given a purpose beyond branding? Or in the on/off button on the side? Why’s the notch still a thing? It houses the front camera and sensors sure but other companies have figured it out. It’s getting on my nerves how they will reinvent the wheel every year or so and have nothing substantial to offer. I’ve been wanting to downgrade to the model with the home button for the simple fact I want the fingerprint scanner. The Face ID got a lot of hype and has never been as consistent as the fingerprint scanner.

    25. Eric Keasler

      If Apple wanted to integrate temperature reading technology it would be in the headphones considering the tympanic temp reading technology already exists. Trying to get an accurate temperature from the wrist which is too far from your core to read a temperature the ear is the next best place in this scenario. Not to mention it would be a good marketing strategy to encourage customers to upgrade devices and invest in AirPods and/or Apple Watch.

    26. Ayanda Mathafeng

      Can the Se plus be the 8 plus body. Need to keep touch I.D


      Hello sir, how are you

    28. Tobewrym

      Anyone else notice that glitch at 0:52

    29. Santa Ung

      hi @EverthingApplePro E A P pls i want know idk if u see this but if u do pls i want know i have se 1 gen im think change the housing if i change the housing will it make not waterproof

    30. R J

      Apple says they sit around laughing at your design renders as you are within 99.8% accurate every time lol

    31. Rohan Ali


    32. Jeremy Fouse

      Anything about charger port? Are we still stuck with the boring old lightning or finally getting USB C?

    33. Matthew Sullivan

      Love the mini tho

    34. City boi22

      The phones look the same nothing changes

    35. Raw Omar

      Apple hates to see someone else make money without them being apart of it and getting a cut.

      1. Levi Winters

        they're a trillion-dollar company. it's like they can't handle a scratch.

    36. Bradley Irving

      it would be easier to put a body temperature sensor in the airpods

    37. Feeby Ferrer

      call it iPhone TS coz taylors lucky number is 13 🤩

    38. Leo

      As if they came up with something new... Same design, same crap 5 years in a row. They need to show some respect to this guys, who's been promoting their products for years BEFORE he turns this channel into NotEverythingApplePro.


      all these people with leaks sounds like they need to make a doctors appointment with a Urologist (get it)? because they be leaking all over the place, don't go out for beers with these guys or else you'll go home soaked with their leaking wetness : P. just being goofy, I dig Apple like a dog digs a meaty bone - hey guys, let's barter you give me a new 12 pro ultra max super duper & I'll buy on of your covers - WIN/WIN

    40. Bogdan Udris

      The rugged apple watch looks dope ngl

    41. Julian Villarreal

      Wait, What? Apple 🍎 🍏 Is Getting Mad 😠 😡 At These Leaks Videos?

    42. Julian Villarreal

      Awesome 👏🏼 😎 🤩 Leaks Video.

    43. John Krone

      Apple doesn't understand that though leaks might affect the surprise factor at unveiling day it creates expectation due to all the talk built up. Apple should send you $$$ and thank you. When no one talks about something it means it's dead, and you guys keep it alive and us in expectation. Thanks!!

    44. Ricky ornelas

      I’m ready for the flex series 😊

    45. Kiran ForUnity5

      Since Airpods are intra-canal, there could be temperature sensors in them and transfer data to iPhone/watch.

    46. Musab S

      Will there be pacific blue again for iPhone 13?

    47. RJ Technical

      Sir give me I phone

    48. cabasse

      lightning port lives to see another day?

    49. Apple Trending

      keep it up

    50. Dogstar

      Apple are about security right? A leak is a security issue.

    51. Marea Unire

      Another year with my Iphone 11 Pro! 👏

    52. Mahtab Khan

      Anyone suggest me about rendering software’s he used?

    53. Nima Emami

      my mans lagging. where the new updates at??

    54. Southbay LA

      Apple should fix the low 60 HZ to 120 HZ they are far behind it makes me want a Samsung ultra S 21

    55. Mobile Legends

      Plz give me an iphone

    56. May Carrasco Gutierrez

      120hz damn tiny notch damn

    57. Andrew Rodden

      Apple is doing some dumb shit

    58. Adam Ashman

      Don’t understand why people want Touch ID when we have Face ID and it’s less work 🙄

    59. Sidd the urban Rider

      How is the jalbreak going on I phone

    60. Josh1992 Gates

      I have got a iPhone 12 Pro Max and wondering if anyone knows a really good adjustable Equalizer app manually that works well with music streaming apps like Apple Music Spotify and much more

    61. Rich Jerry

      not woth it ,

    62. Just J

      Will there be a pro max? i need a big phone for my next upgrade because i still have a galaxy s7

    63. WiCkYT

      Imagine Apple bringing an ACTUAL NEW phone every 2 years...with exciting new features and not just something they call "NEW" to increase yearly profits

    64. Joshua Moore

      in all honesty , the mini was a terrible idea

      1. Levi Winters

        how come?

    65. cairo

      iPhone 12 mini end of life?? :-/////////////////////////////////////////////////

    66. Parte Cambotas

      Because he is a case maker does that means he gets access to models earlier ? Just wondering xD

    67. 𝚆𝚑𝚘'𝚜_𝚠𝚑𝚘?

      I'm waiting for this to be released so i can finally afford iPhone 7🙂

      1. Alessa

        I wish they still made small models... I still have the first gen iPhone SE and don't want to upgrade to a bigger model =/

      2. Drippy Da Lizard


    68. King4Kingz

      I'm just gonna wait. I was gonna go next week to get the 12 pro max but I rather wait.

    69. Finan Callum

      Love my 12 mini sad for the minis to leave

    70. Yorufan7

      I love the mini, how can they do this to me

    71. Amer Syawal

      I'm always excited to hear all this leaks consider everything from this leaks just a concept and theory. Maybe, maybe this leaks are available on iPhone 45 pro max slim edition

    72. Tamer Kara

      Iphone 14 pro max

    73. Gio Playz

      WHY I had the iPhone 12 for prob like a couple of months but now there gonna release another one?!?!? Too fast!

    74. Sgt Peppers

      Blood pressure is a joke, for accuracy you need a full on arm cuff. Also you need a 12 lead for an accurate ecg. You also need skin puncture to get accurate blood glucose.

    75. fUjiMaNia

      what a time to be ..........

    76. K MDov

      Since when is third week of the month can be 14th. It is not even mid of the month

    77. Nicole Gonzalez

      When would we expect the apple watch series 7 to drop?

    78. For The Beast

      Side mounted Touch Id ??? Hope this is a false leak.

    79. Artem Nahornyi

      Where is the camera protection? Any case now can protect the phone, but only several protect the camera with sort of shield you can close and open only when needed

    80. Bro Zack

      Will be getting 13 mini for the 2400mah battery rather than 12 minis 2200mah 😁

    81. Ariana's Moments

      i’m so made they don’t give u review units

    82. AEGAZ

      Hey Philip, l like your video very much, but l can hear a bit of echo in your video. Maybe you should switch your studio mic into the wearable mic. keep up the good work! :)

    83. Mohammed Adel Syed

      I use iPhone 6s Plus and its battery sucks now, its upper left part of the display is blacked out, the speakers won't work, I always have to plug in my headphones, so should I upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro Max, or wait for the iPhone 13 Pro Max?

    84. Mandeep Singh

      120hz ❤️❤️❤️

    85. Boxple

      I have problem with my iphone model A1661. When I turn the phone on, the screen will appear like linings n nothing on my background screen shown. Can u help me out what is the problem with my iphone?

    86. Slam Chucky

      2019: in screen touch id will be in 2020 2020: in screen touch id will be in 2021 2021: in screen touch id will be in 2022 what a joke LOL

    87. tanner steinhausen

      When is the flex series available?!? I’m in love with it

    88. Xavier H.

      I’m super late, but I just bought the frosted Rebel case and this is by far the best iPhone case i’ve ever had. Thanks man!

    89. KyleTVProductions

      Watching on original SE. still runs great. Will be upgrading!

    90. William Read

      So is there an iPhone 13 mini or not? You said that the 12 mini is dead so why would they do another iPhone 13 mini.

    91. M Scott

      My 64gb 11 pro max is storage full. I am so ready for an upgrade.

    92. Lil Subedi

      Kang the conqueror out here leaking apple news from the future

    93. sf jazz

      The more popping camera look just getting ridiculous and its getting more n more n bigger…. It looks like octopus tentacles suction cup its not even funny

    94. DMESG TAIL

      So apple will look for lawsuit against people who leak another iphone 12?

    95. Rose Xo

      Well this is a yawn

    96. Armando Adame

      Wtf is going on with apple. Legit no good updates that make you wanna upgrade 🙄 boring. I might just update cause when I bought the 12 pro max I bought the 128gb Aand I need more storage

    97. Chef Akbar

      When you realize the wireless charger has a wire.

      1. Bro Zack

        Should have been plugless charger

    98. Will Jansen

      They should make the Watch thinner like 40% its a big rock atm

    99. william Nguyen

      Honestly wouldn’t mind a really slim case

    100. Arolema Prarath

      When will Apple release the 13???