Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Drop Test!

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    Battle of the titans! Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra durability drop test w/ Gorilla Glass Victus vs iPhone 12 Pro Max's Ceramic Crystal! Which glass is best?

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      1. Mia leblanc

        I’d love you to know that the iPhone 11‘s are stronger than the iPhone 12 because the back of the iPhone 12 is glass

      2. Aman kumar Singh

        Gift me s21 please 😭

      3. can* ceran

        I'm so happy if you give me a iphone 12

      4. can* ceran

        Please 🥺 iphone it is my dream phone

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    3. Fardin Islam


    4. Rama Edmon

      The Samsung’s glass is stronger but it broke becouse the Samsung landed flat on its screen but iPhone landed on its sides a little bit causing less damage to the glass😎

    5. codez

      "the best from Samsung, the s21 ultra" really??? I'm pretty sure the "note 20 ultra" is better in every way mate, and still to this day the best Samsung out, until they release the "note 21"

    6. Brave18

      Which Throwing Phones Are The Best?

    7. sulaiman akhleken


    8. Vansh Tyagi

      Me who can not afford a good phone A random youtuber doing drop test of these two phones 😢

    9. Shahbaz Ali

      Big Fan sir, Sir plz give me one iphone 12 pro max, i wish i will use once this iphone , plzz, i belong from a middle class family, i couldn't afford this, i am from Pakistan please sir help me😭😭

    10. 7med satour

      its great video but deep down i feel sad to see someone droping phones that highly cost while i can't even afforde the 10% money to buy one of them when i work 24/7 :/ anyways keep going great work :°) lova ya

    11. Janis Uljas

      S21 ultra slapped always flat screen

    12. Harsh \

      Atleast in iphone When it falls we can hide back glass by cover😂

    13. XAEA-12

      1:19 so that was a lie. lmao

    14. William Harkleroad

      They seem pretty evenly matched

    15. PS GÅMÎÑG

      Please dont broke the phone give it to me 🙏🏻

    16. THARUN Tharunpro

      Samsung is best

    17. Kailash Khatri

      Can't u just donate me one of the phone cause u have a lot of them😅😅😅

    18. Mr. Electronics Device Vlog

      The way you drop it is not accurate that way the samsung screen broke.🤣🤣🤦

    19. Johnton Thetroll

      No phones were harmed in this video

    20. Chela Tsague

      please I have never used an iPhone before I really wish I can get one please

    21. hydrot e

      please can you give me the broken one

    22. pablo escabar

      this test drops wasnt fair, s21 ultra had more face up drop, iphone droped on a angle

    23. Blank Facee

      That samsung durable af

    24. Toby_Wakey

      Apples was released way before I think

    25. Jorge Garcia

      So samsung cares about their cameras and apple cares about their screen

    26. Attir hussain

      i wish i have one of these🥺

    27. Familie Bunjaku

      Samsung Wins

    28. Ansoo's Afee

      Give me that one phone I use this my whole life 😂😂

    29. Rhel Jan Casiño

      Maaaaannn you should have given those phones to me

    30. _REZURECTx

      No phones were abused in the making of this video

    31. Sitaljit Sanasam

      Bro please give me a phone

    32. Limitz

      Iphone 12 pro max is better

    33. Pascal L.

      I remember the 6s+ breaking the lcd from tipping 😅 Phones came a good way and iam happy with my 21U.

    34. Jaden West

      say no more, somehow apple’s products still have better build quality! the moment galaxy s21 ultra’s len came out, i know it.

      1. ג'נארי רואו

        Do you know aluminum has a very high scratch resistance while stainless steel is more corrosion resistant but low scratch resistance. Also gorilla glass victus is the strongest gorilla glass vs ceramic shield but it just depends on your preference even though i'm an android type a guy but s21 Ulra is cheaper at $999 vs Iphone 12 pro max $1200

    35. Tranding Topics

    36. LunarMoth

      I mean it's cool But also I like glass stuff? Like glass straws vs metal straws. I do admit the S21 is gorgeous, but so is the iPhone 13 Pro Max. I enjoy that dark matte black color, but the holographic color on the S21 is my jam Yeah, the "aura glow" is holographic, like the type of glitter that reflects the full rainbow of color vs 3 pastel colors (iridescent)

    37. Element ~ Krew

      My Boy Be Breaking 100s Of Dollars

    38. VL telefonos de carton

      hey instead of breaking the iphone 12 pro max if you can give me one I am your follower and fan of apple yeah

    39. S4 STUDY

      Samsung is better

    40. Viktor Prf

      Fuck jo s21 ultra is so bether

    41. Anthony Gerardo

      Iphone is trash 🗑

    42. Putra

      Samsung weakness is the front screen, not saying Apple doing better btw.

    43. dog ediz


    44. Haris Bin Azhar

      That soung when phone12 pro max hits the ground its so painful

    45. Gadget24Tv

    46. Lucas Cardozo

      Esse é doido

    47. «Mr[]"psychoachu"[]IG»

      Iphone : I'm inevitable 😼 Samsung : and I am samsung 🦁

    48. khải sky

      sao không cho tao

    49. noushzz __

      Give me one iphone why are u weasting

    50. flori gjiriti

      Hey please give me a phone please😢🙏🙏🙏


      *_fact: camera man every time, camera up camera down_*

    52. King தமிழ் Gaming ff

      IPhone 12 MB is Whatsapp per HRaero

    53. ben malam


    54. Shakeel Ownhouse

      I'm so desperate I'd take these smashed up phones

    55. BarbeRodz TV

      Wowww 😲much better iPhone verry strong LCD

    56. RAJA55

      Plz give me iPhone plz

    57. memo

      It hurts when you drop the phone

    58. AS Creations

      If u didn't wan't iphone u could give it to mee 😬

    59. Samuel Murphy

      The new iPhone with the case or the unbreakable Nokia. Who will win 🤔

    60. Alokesh Bar

      Display change: Samsung : Approx $340 Apple : Just buy a new one.

    61. Tombruhv

      This video made me realize i had a screen protector on my phone now for 2 years, bruh

    62. Amire Hatim

      You know what phone cane never break. The Nokia

    63. Sema Hesenova

      I need that telephone 😒

    64. 😞رفل 😞

      ممكن تتبرعلي ب٢

    65. yr channel?

      Ever feel like throwing your phone on your TV very hardly while sitting on the couch

    66. Huxley Bennett

      Your just saying that the iPhone is better cause thats your favourite

    67. Majhaar Khan XA14

      He playing with 2 kidney

    68. Faheem Moola

      Do people ever think...Instead of testing the phone an putting it through hell...can i have it?😭😭😭

    69. Jerwin Muldez

      Can I have one hehe

    70. todd cadorette

      Right at the 5-ish min mark. Why did you drop the S21 screen down and then the iPhone back down? Not a fair drop comparison?

    71. jose miranda

      😔No importa que esté quebrado yo deseo uno hasi

    72. Hex Agon27

      Drop them on stairs

    73. Mason C

      Apple breaks easily sometimes

    74. Yugansh Singh

      Wait so people actually use phones without a cover and screen protector?!?

    75. Xarah Brenda

      Why are you doing this?? I cant afford any of it And the way you drop them💔.. Next time just send it to me

      1. sjov

        It’s his job. And he bought those phones, he doesn’t need to give any of it away.

    76. Abdulla Almahmoud

      How come he dropped his from his head with no case nothing happens but when I drop mine with the best case available from my knee it breaks

    77. Jaymark Corambao

      The fact that they just breaking the phone (testing obviously) but the more fact that How i wish It will be given to me coz its a very big help for my flexible learning on this pandemic(online class) . I only have a cheapest/local phone btw. A fan from the Philippines 💓

    78. Đenysa km

      Ma doare sufletul

    79. Keelee World

      Still prefer iPhone for functioning and have a case on it to protect it. Have no plans to drop it - unprotected - any time soon.

    80. Shyam Rio

      do this for iphone and one plus 9 pro bro!

    81. Hugo Aznar

      7:43 gotta love the Panigale V4S in the background😍

    82. Siva Sajini

      My heart while droping💔😩🤣🤣

    83. Brayden prodigy

      Samsung is so weak cause well apple hire Samsung so yeah

    84. Investfoxy Crypto

      I feel bad for that poor iPhone couldn't stand the second drop 😁

    85. hhj Nagdev

      plz give any i phone for free plzplzplzplzplz sir

    86. sheik hameem

      can you give that brokened phone please mmmmm

    87. L15EWT

      I'm watching this because I just dropped my s21 ultra face first out my pocket today. Did quite well with the built in screen protector 🤦‍♂️

    88. Nilanga Rukshan


    89. Ghost A

      you might aswell send them me if you gna break them 😅

    90. Yonatan andrez Martinez perez

      Man test 1 no 1000 🤦

    91. mohamed ahamed

      I like both of them but iPhone has poor body

    92. Waseem Munna

      Man pls make a giveaway and stop breaking those phones😪😭

    93. Z gamerZ

      Am I the only one that saw that panigale v4😮

    94. Tomas Torasen

      So does the iPhone have a different glass at the display than the back? I like the test. But, to be super fair, the falls are quite unpredictable and I think the tension and impact can differ quite substantially, depending on quite small variations of angle, when they land.

    95. stefanus90

      okay.... many people don't understand what is going on here but let me explain: 1) the drop velocity of samsung at 4:45 compared to apple at 5:19 is much higher, which means you either swayed your hand or fingers downwards on purpose to accelerate the drop of the phone. 2) Why didn't you show the moment of droping the samsung at 4:45? 3) you are doing the same procedures at 5:50, and again the drop speed of both phones are different, which means you're doing the samsung more harm than the iphone I've had a lot of phones in my life nokias, xiaomis, huaweis, iphones, samsung you name it but one thing i know for sure is that the build quality of samsung is waaaaay better than apple so this test is not reliable at all

    96. _Xfalcon _

      iPhone ✊🔥

    97. bayu adrian

      You destroy 2 high range class smartphone in our group 😱😱 then you get 4,8 Million viewer for this video after 7 month, what is payback?? Okay i help with no skip ads for this video 😁

    98. Muhammad Sholeh

      is that stock wallpaper on the iphone?

    99. A F

      my iPhone XS glass shattered from being caught between a couch 😬. I am switching to the s21 with the plastic back because I hate glass backs.. I had an otterbox on it too.

    100. John Chornyi

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