Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Drop Test!

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    Battle of the titans! Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra durability drop test w/ Gorilla Glass Victus vs iPhone 12 Pro Max's Ceramic Crystal! Which glass is best?

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    1. EverythingApplePro E A P

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      1. Anjana Dilshan

        Im very sad because I do not have a phone and I have no money to buy it 😢 😢 ...

      2. mrutyunjay Honwad

        Can u do give away pls love from india

      3. Bbek Tharu

        Can I get that broken iPhone..😔

      4. TUANS youngs

        Can you please give me one

      5. Axum Matovu

        man you seriously on the iphones side😶

    2. Ted Kord

      Wtf…no screen protector for the Samsung? That’s unfair…

    3. 花鯛🌸


    4. Mahamad Syamand

      کوردی لێیە🙂😂؟!

    5. TN K

      Him when phone got a little scratch: oh that’s fine Me: Heart attack

    6. •Shixuka•

      People can't afford iPhone and HRaerors like him is breaking iPhones..

    7. BreadBoi0

      However, Apple repairs cost more than the phone itself

    8. Music 961

      sell me the iPhone 12 Pro max destroyed as it is now! :)

    9. Adam Paul

      A man of excuses is always full of failure

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      4. Kelvin Nacho

        @Masson Nuygen female has been in the game for years now, lack of recommendation has been their limiting factor.

      5. Nelson Ruth

        I thought he was a scammer but believe me after meeting him up for the first time at UlCA Amar financial conference held in USA, He changed my ideology.

    10. santiago gurem

      The galaxy is ugly as hell 😂🤣

    11. Mannat Rattan

      Would you buy a Samsung or an iPhone? Choose from the 2 replies I have put in 👇👇

      1. Mannat Rattan


      2. Mannat Rattan


    12. Hamed Sawany

      Instead of breaking the phone and testing its strength, give me any phone you have as a gift, even the one with which you do the tests 😅

    13. Aoud Kasim

      I like iPhone

    14. Tech Breakthrough

      Just solidified Samsung is the best!!! Onces again

    15. Topic Forto

      Plz give me that phone

    16. Ah Eh

      S21 back is literally plastic that’s why it dont break 😂

      1. Ben The Lion

        Aluminum + 🦍 glass victus

    17. Mobile BDinfo


    18. Dey ᄋᄆ퍙 RedLips

      You could give them to me instead drop them into the ground 🤠

    19. Stephan Czapla

      I dont like how the camera man aimed the camera to the floor before the ultra falls and the iPhone he follows it down, idk just seems sus

    20. Marieleon Degrou

      why would he do that he just wanna mess it up for not reason at all cause he know iPhone better then stupid Samsung

    21. Ashutosh Satapathy

      Bro, the money you are wasting, distribute them among the poors in this pandemic situation. May you got some blessings.

    22. Hannah

      I can guarantee the first drop I'd have would be right on a weak spot and it'll smash.

    23. G Fam

      It amazes me how my Samsung Galaxy a20 fell without any cover and barely cracked the screen and my home has tiles

    24. David Muteb


    25. Abdul Basit

      Is it just me or does this guy have an APPLE-BIAS syndrome???



      1. Sunil Kumar



    28. Reon Lau


      1. Sunil Kumar

    29. Cristymaerf3grgtt45454aah ggfffert55yde62 Paez

      When tha brand new phone fell i will scream as loud as i can hehe

      1. Sunil Kumar

    30. SunflowerCraft

      As a person of a SE first gen, this hurts to see you smashing those phones

      1. Sunil Kumar

    31. Shell Brook

      Test results prove if you drop your phone, instead of screaming, count 3, 2, 1 and it should be fine!

      1. Sunil Kumar

    32. mitch m

      I have the Ultra 21 And is not durable junk don't buy

      1. Sunil Kumar

    33. Tommy Nguyen

      When will you make cases for Samsung?

      1. Sunil Kumar

    34. Claindy Schultzel

      Rip to these phones 😑

      1. Sunil Kumar

    35. Yrg Eli

      should i buy the samsung a52 or the iphone x or 11

      1. Sunil Kumar

    36. Dhawii Cade

      Pleas give me phone😭😭😭


      No phone is safe once there in his hands.

      1. Sunil Kumar

    38. Claudiu Niculusca

      Donation me iPhone 12pro max pleaseeee

    39. Ajla Fontenot

      Seeing the phone drop hurts my heart 💔

      1. Sunil Kumar

    40. WhatsHappening783402

      Hmmm so the iPhone 12 pro max is good but the battery is only less than 4,000 mAh. Battery does fast I'm assuming

    41. Taraka Veerendra

      Oh gosh, please give me that iPhone, I will take good care of it

      1. Sunil Kumar

    42. Nicholas Crawford

      My phone started shivering as I was watching....kind of cruel to make it play the torture of its comrades

    43. sonu3530

      Hey Man thanks for this wonderful review...i was confused between these 2 and you cleared my doubt....keep it up !!!

    44. TheColorfulPube

      Victus actually makes the curved display not as horrifying as it used to be.

    45. Arakz

      So an apple fanboy

      1. perkaholic

        u just can’t accept it

    46. Иво Иванов

      samsung is better

      1. Sunil Kumar

    47. bacon_boi

      Apple: strongest ceramic display No one Nokia: are you sure about that


      They only break when they fall while i am playing or cooking😑🥺

    49. ScarDex

      iPhone is good

    50. md sojib sheikh

      You mad i phone World king,,, & samsung is Joker phone😂😂

    51. David E. Lee

      The true logic: Your Phone only breaks when you dropped it accidentally and scream it.

      1. husnat gamaah

        😁😁😁 fact

    52. Donker

      Beautiful bike

    53. Aadil Khan

      I wants to but both phones in $100 each 😁

    54. IGame Baker

      3:29 I was on the work. And my ultra 21 is falling. So the display is broken...

    55. Gerome Ligutan

      I have only a phone That cost 20+ dollar but I don't let my phone fall in such ways 😂 different between rich and poor 😂😅

    56. weird_beard

      u need the re sync the Finger again that the Finger print will work

    57. TempyBoyDweet /IBT

      I don't have such weaknesses *Laughs In Nokia"

    58. Javaun Beckford

      He didn't drop the 12 pro good like the s21

    59. FacerPL

      Samsung better

    60. Dank Tank

      The S21Ultra is by far the better photo. Many more futures.

    61. Nardi Tube

      Can You send me one Samsung s21 please

      1. Raj Sharma

    62. Lego Lover 2020

      Great video. Thank you for not being one sided. But why didn't you try face id on samsung.

      1. Raj Sharma

    63. Dima Gurevich

      That is the first time I really watched this drop test and I must say I'm not surprised they survived that much. I am replacing my 4 year old LG G6 which survived up to head height drops on tiles and asphalt over the years with nothing but dents on the 4 corners of its soft aluminum casing. Hopefully the replacement S21 Ultra will be as durable if not more so. Thanks man for sacrificing your time and money in pursuit of informing us consumers.

      1. Dima Gurevich

        @Raj Sharma My dad had a Nokia 3310. He dropped it in a concrete mixer. It rang from the wall a few weeks later..

      2. Raj Sharma

    64. IFix Knowledges

      So nice i love it

      1. Raj Sharma

    65. Francois Seurin

      So useless démo shame on those stupid demo that stpid Whatsup guuyyys si gross drop test Can Beilived thumb up

      1. Raj Sharma

    66. FunnyDogAnimations Studios

      S21 ultra the beast of phones

    67. Mr PSD

      S21 ftw

      1. Raj Sharma

    68. lana zidan

      But whyyy!😬😬😬😱😱 just give me one of themm haha

      1. Raj Sharma

    69. ꧁Sara ꧂

      My Heart has been bleeding when you droped the iPhone while watching this video with my iPhone 6🤧

      1. Raj Sharma

    70. MrBeapew

      I think nokia coraporeight With sumsung for make the s21 ultra 😅😂

      1. Raj Sharma

    71. Baki-M

      bro we all know that you are an apple fan ,, and you like apple no matter what ,,,, so please you acting is so so so stupid bro ,,, SAMSUNG PHONE they not like 2014 AND 2017 its 2021 SAMSUNG DESTROY APPLE PRODUCTS ,,, the truth

      1. Raj Sharma

    72. rainer sta

      Wow...that hurts my heart🥴😉

      1. Raj Sharma

    73. Josef malmfors

      i would rather have a broken back then a destroyed and unusable frontscreen. Thats all im saying

      1. WhatsHappening783402

        @Flocon15 RL yeah. And but the only bad thing is the battery life on the iPhone is trash. So it's a toss up

      2. Flocon15 RL

        @WhatsHappening783402 We didn't even see if both cameras are still working after the final drop

      3. WhatsHappening783402

        And a simple low profile case would probably have prevented that. iPhone wins the drop test

    74. Holtole Kharütso

      Me struggling to get a new phone And random guy on HRaero

      1. Raj Sharma

    75. Sweet Nana

      My heart is breaking when u drop them oh my god😢

      1. Raj Sharma

    76. Haikal

      Can you give me iPhone 7 PLUS?😔

    77. Raghav Gamer ff

      This is totally””” fake because iPhone 12 Pro Max back is metal not glass

      1. Raj Sharma

    78. Coder Vip

      porque tu tem um monte de celular na parede?

      1. Raj Sharma

    79. Der HenRy

      i just died multiple times.

    80. Israel Masebe

      Watching this was more painful than my worst heartbreak 😭

      1. Raj Sharma

    81. Samsad Rain

      s21 ultra op

    82. miky mike

      We all know in the real life you always have some dust on the ground and break the Phone. On this video the ground is totaly clean with zero default.

    83. Salman Ahmad

      Do not break S21 ultra.. Give it to me..🙂

    84. Labaik Ya Hussain

      i have both of tthem actualty tthugh iphone is in 24 k gold

    85. Hendri Kusuma


    86. Hailey BG

      This video is hard to watch. I’m almost crying. 18+ everyone 😂

    87. Mikey


    88. Alvin Saputra


    89. Joshua Whalley

      The last drop wasn't fair because the Samsung actually landed on its side while the iPhone landed on its back sooo 🤷‍♂️

    90. SaniaM2005


    91. Sonic Juice

      When Iphone cracks🤔🤔 When samsung cracks😢😢

    92. Deepinder Singh

      What if they both fell on road while traveling where surface in not even .

    93. Tobias Perez

      Los que aman a Apple 🤡

    94. bebsoii sahara

      give me iphone plls I have your iphone, brother, because I have something to use in the school classing module

    95. Richard Vale

      It wont break unless you drop it accidentally

    96. pompodorius

      Too many variables to compare phone strength this way. Entertaining yes, scientific value zero. Do it with 300 phones and report back.

    97. Godzilla2000orbit

      Samsung: *mocks Apple* Apple: *laughs at them when they see them drop their phone at 2000 feet*

    98. Millionaire Day Traders

      S21, front shattered at 10 ft back was fine. Iphone shattered from back at 10 ft. Front survived Watching this after I ordered my s21 😅

      1. Master yoda

        Yeah true but the back off the iphone tho. And I don’t think you’re gonna drop your phone from 10 ft 😂

    99. Karipap Terbang

      When you are rich and don't know what to do

    100. Rian Murdi

      Sayang banget hp nya😭 mending buat saya😭