iOS 14.5 Beta 1! Mask Unlock & 30+ Features/Changes

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    1. Phyo Luck

      Very Good Job Apple Thanks 👍❤🙏

    2. Duc Phamj

      ah duh

    3. SwaggyMonke 226

    4. David Babalola

      Why do I feel like EAP hasn’t really been up to his former game on getting leaks for iOS 15 this year… or is Apple just tighter with this info this time around?

    5. TobyTT

      People doesn't have Apple Watch be like: ;-;

    6. Rapper Himz

      I am unable to get the unlock support on series 2 watch. Please help

    7. moeen a

      Finally came back after years

    8. Rafael Bitencourt

      I was always able to unlock my phone wearing a face mask… I wonder if there’s something wrong with my face hahahah

    9. Trav Puter

      iOS 14.5 iPadOS 14.5 is out now and you need to upload a final video

    10. Shadow

      Too little too late

    11. Gareth Starling

      I’m so looking forward to the mask unlock feature. Having to constantly enter my passcode and making sure no one is eavesdropping is a much more secure way of unlocking my cellphone.

    12. Tigerfan31200

      Anyone else having an issue where the watch isn’t unlocking your phone while wearing a mask even though you have the option for it turned on?

    13. Xander Pendelton

      Mask I’d doesn’t work

    14. Childers Brayn

      □Thanks to *Pectivehackzone* on IG I got my disabled account active back again THANKS

    15. Childers Brayn

      □Thanks to *Pectivehackzone* on IG I got my disabled account active back again THANKS.

    16. michael benneth

      Great unlock from *FELIXLOGIN* the best unlock i have ever had on *!G* thank you so much bro🙌❤

    17. My iPhone

      Ive been unlocking my iPhone 11 with my mask for months

    18. S. E. C-R

      Is “Made for You” in AppleMusic replacing “Favorites Mix” or will it be in addition to?

    19. Sahil Bawa

      The iOS 14.5 beta series broke Siri Shortcuts on HomePod

    20. Rusty Chain

      Convenient for those that wear masks...almost makes we want to buy a mask so I can try it...almost.

    21. KAYA38K

      This is not ok! Its getting normal to wear a mask welcome to the new world order sheeps🐑

    22. jaber shahbaz

      Hi I have 12 pro max how can I use 2 different SIM card I inserted but don’t know how to use it

    23. A O

      You all should know after a year that this plastic on your faces doesn't work. If you still wear that you are a sheep. This extra feature is useless for the one with a brain for the rest they don't need to lock the phones at all.

    24. hereobryne Minecraft

      apple: *sees a ios 14 jailbreak* apple: *adds an actually useful feature to an unjailbreakable version of ios to try to get people to update*

    25. Jose rico

      How can I update it?

    26. bobeyo2011

      Do u need to update ur Apple Watch to make it work

    27. C B

      What happens if you don't allow apps to request to track?

    28. realmiguelb

      so now that people are not require to wear mask, apple decided release an update for a face mask.

    29. Tyson McKnight

      i was able to unlock my iphone 12 with a mask without this bata and without using my apple watch. not sure how it worked but when my phone had a charging issue they replaced it and i redid the face id and it doesn’t work anymore 😞.

    30. Xabier Landa

      Can you make PAYMENTS WITH THE NEW UNLOCK FROM YOUR APPLE WATCH. Using. Doble click in the iPhone ?

    31. Joe Nixon

      They need to change how you delete contacts. So tired of the process it takes having to click the contact click edit scroll down click delete you should just be able to swipe left and delete them right from the contacts app.

    32. oliver sudden

      standalone 5g is available with any network

    33. oliver sudden

      this mask id thing is good but why do you need the watch why cant they just do it from the phoen

    34. Lemmy Lomba

      Great video man I just subbed

    35. Prasan Gurung

      i bought my iphone 12 pro max a week back. It was okay till yesterday and today i face the problem on my camera, it isnt working like it should Wide lens isnt working (only on video and camera but works perfectly on time lapse, slowmo,and other option) can anyone tell me if its the software issue or what? i cant find any solutions on the internet.

    36. Lynx Oh Me

      Is it safe to download the 14.5?

    37. Nick

      I’ve been watching this guy since he was boiling iPhone 6s in coke

    38. Juvic Izaguirre

      We’re is voice and data

    39. Dr. Siddhu Yt

      Why your channel is growing slowly than others like Kbhd?

    40. Ronnel Davis

      Not sure if anyone else noticed, but live wallpapers now work on the Lock Screen with a long press even on devices without force touch like my iPhone XR

    41. Ged Woods

      I had to swipe a photo to unlock mine

    42. Jeffrey Mom

      Me laughing with a fingerprint sensor

    43. 🔪Jãmïë Trēë

      I.....was... wasdering on how to get my account back I tried all the means using the video but doesn't work,then afriend of mine directed me to contact*trendhacker2* on IG just like joke I got it back he's professional.💖💖💯💯💖

    44. FarooQ Malik

      How can I install Beta Version! Kindly guide me.

    45. Donuts

      Got Face ID to work with two faces

    46. Annabelle Austin

      FRESHPEP7 on IG unlock my phone ❤️😍😍😍😍😍

    47. Rogelio Villalba

      I knew they did something when I had my mask on and my phone unlocked. Bout time Apple!

    48. V N R

      Gonna be crazy saying “iOS 15” later this year

    49. Ruben Sahakyan

      When is it available?

    50. Second Video after 10 subscribers

      I don't need mask unlock when my phone has fingerprint and face Id. I can use both of them and decide for myself, what to use. Apple is just more expensive, so it's just bad and nothing else.

    51. Papychou 7

      Please send me 1 iPhone 🙏🏾🙏🏾

    52. Craig Dwyer

      Will the new AirPods have MagSafe magnets. How would they reverse wireless charge easily without them. I just want to know so I know if I should wait to buy a newer model with them to be able to use this feature

    53. EpicShotZz

      Thank god the mask ID is coming I hate pulling my mask down and unlocking


        I do it all the time i dont give a flying hell if people come and throw a hissy

    54. Daniel Guzman

      which ipad and iPhone screen protectors are those?

    55. Iftekhar Hussain

      What's the point of this mask id thing now

    56. TwisstedToast

      And? I’m not in the updte

    57. Rick James

      iOS 14.5 beta 2 come out today

    58. Nikhil Ilango

      0:50 when you realise, androids can also unlock via a watch or any bluethoot device

    59. atik fahim

      Using Mask ID in Infinix hot 9 play since 6 month ago🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    60. Read my ABOUT section PLEASE

      Sorry for commenting here but I badly need your compassion. 😇 Do you have an extra $1? Saving to get a working laptop - to start a homebased job. No more opportunity outside. Swear, I am not a bad person. Lost so much since 2020.

    61. Branimir Šarić

      Does anyone have problems with faceid on 14.4? It doesnt work anymore.. Do you have real solution?

    62. GingerbreadFam

      I’m on 14.2 waiting for jailbreak 🥵

    63. Andrei Tatarus

    64. Julius Richard

      Hi guys I will like to recommend *linkedhack* on Instagram for permanent removal of icloud He helped me with mine he is fast, legit and reliable.

    65. Julius Richard

      Hi guys I will like to recommend *linkedhack* on Instagram for permanent removal of icloud He helped me with mine he is fast, legit and reliable.

    66. Julius Richard

      Hi guys I will like to recommend *linkedhack* on Instagram for permanent removal of icloud He helped me with mine he is fast, legit and reliable.

    67. Nicholas Hawley

      That’s stupid because you need an Apple Watch To make it work🤦🏻‍♂️

    68. Elijah James

      It won’t let me Idk

    69. Irfan Ahmed

      Can you please help me about iPhone battery health I did even use my iPhone 11 for a month and the battery health dropped to 98%


      revel stand alone videos come on brother we love the cases share it with the world. sp people can see how great the your case is!!!

    71. Steven Houren

      Is this a joke? First off, I already wear glasses some of the time and contacts other times which, means the eye region of my face changes quite often. Aside from that though, this has to be one of the most easily hacked authentication methods. It already couldn’t really distinguish between twins. What was wrong with Touch ID and why is Apple so stubborn?

    72. Stickydoorfan

      When does Ios 14.5 come out cuz its still not there for me

    73. BK Kapadia

      Can you do a video review of both Gen 2 cases? More curiously, is the clear case a finger print magnet??

    74. Imfamiliar

      When are you going to make a song with Juice WRLD again?

    75. Ripu Daman

      Hey, i am facing a serious issue in my iPhone, while i am on call how can i mute the media volume totally, for example if i want to watch a video "while on call" on youtube without volume how can i mute the HRaero video ? It can't be muted totally, or i can't play a game also without volume while on call, basically I can't mute my media volume while on call! Is there any solution please suggest!!

    76. Best Ads

      Happy to see you ❤️

    77. K. JIHYUN

      I’m running that beta but I can’t find where I’m face id settings to enable that mask id?

    78. AliK7

      was excited for the mask id then i saw you needed an apple watch😭

    79. CookieCat123

      When he said “simultaneously” my Siri activated 🙄😂

    80. Phoneix Force

      Bro I am need iPhone 12pro max giveaway

    81. Amy Rachelle

      i can’t even find this wallpaper 🥲🥲

    82. K S

      Is there going to be a second-generation Magic Keyboard??

    83. Gabriel Andersson Enocksson


    84. Baig Kami

      Iphone so good

    85. Saint Echo

      Soo without the watch no mask ID

    86. Thomas G.

      Option grayed out on public 14.5 beta for Face ID Apple Watch

    87. Ford Guy

      This works 50% of the time from my experience so far. How hard is it, they already have this software on the MacBooks.

    88. B Fam

      When will Apple add the control centre as a widget??? Or allow control centre functions to be added as widgets? Please Apple make it happen!

    89. LAZZA MCPE

      Is there a iOS 14.2 jail break ?

    90. Divyanshu Rai

      Sir I'm from India. Love watching your videos about Apple Can I get a Apple smartphone please?

    91. SinD5

      ok so why does he have 8m subs and still isnt verified

    92. _


    93. Panthera CL

      Give me your iPhone xr😭 i'm from Indonesian

    94. micah

      Great to see you back man! Hope all is well 🙏🏻

    95. Nexo7

      My area does not have 5G towers. So sad! 😢😭

    96. Mohit 5873 roll no 64

      sir please give me a iphone 12 pro max sir i am belong a middle class family an sir i am poor but you are rich sir please give me a iphone 12 pro max

    97. Nono_IDK

      Why do we need a Apple Watch for this...

    98. Tim

      Showing off your pumped-up muscular arm at the 0:06 and 0:29 marks. 💪🏼

    99. vakaris Bambonas

      icloud unlock ios 14.4 please can help please please

    100. Kent Esteven Cardines

      Ang panget na ng content mo hindi ka na tulad ng dati. Case making ka nag fofocus huhu