Exciting iPhone 13, SE 3, SE Plus & Hole Punch Notch Leaks!

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    Apple continues to surprise. iPhone SE 3 \u0026 SE Plus design \u0026 release date, fresh iPhone 13 \u0026 13 Pro leaks, iOS 15 soon at WWDC 2021, hole punch displays, touch ID \u0026 periscope zoom coming to an iPhone in 2023!

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    1. EverythingApplePro E A P

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      1. OfficialFireLionYT


      2. Jony Arredondo

        What is now iPhone com up iPhone 📱 13

    2. Tech Nerd

      me with my iPhone XR with a cracked back that I can't afford to repair: i n t e r e s t i n g

    3. Taki Dris

      ارجوك اخبار قوة معالج a15 bionic chip

    4. Clos MasMas

      I’m thinking of buying the iPhone SE2 (upgrading from the SE1). Do you guys know if it would be better if I waited for it to go on sale? If so when do you guys think it will go on sale?

      1. Øb1ivion

        Whr do u live at? It's like 199 in the US

    5. Y K

      Something about the 13 better be interesting because the 11 and 12 are nauseatingly are boring as hell.

    6. Dean Vilar

      "evolution in design" really??

    7. All Things Digital

      Apple “LOGO” camera cutout 🍎

    8. Around World


    9. Soma Gang

      Just got the 12 pro max gee man tell em to wait awhile

    10. Howard Davidson

      Wow Apple are pulling out all the stops ...This is something so different..Maybe they should build a new bigger Head office..4 nana meters wow what a great new look .Will wait till 2023 to look at what Apple are doing and stick with my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra...until the fold 3 becomes available.

    11. Bruan Jessie

      It would be great if they released iPhone SE Plus was like iPhone 11 ❤️. I will consider myself to buy it ❤️. This will gonna be my 1st iPhone maybe 😁

    12. Hans Rivera

      apple gotta stop these leaks man

    13. Loslingos 123

      Can’t wait until IPhone 59!!!

    14. Quantum Kayos

      macbooks with 120hz yet??? owo

    15. Joselin Amador

      But like why buy the one coming this year with a notch when I can wait for the better looking one next year 🤷🏻‍♂️

    16. guillermo garcia

      The hole on the front camera will be in the shape of the apple logo

    17. Vance Warren

      Two thousand and twenty three…… 😫 Please just say twenty twenty three.

    18. Charles Webb

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    19. Davida Fabi

      Cool,i will get that

    20. ARYAN Phones

      Any news / Updates about new iPhone Colours

    21. Pedro Alves

      Punch hole …. Android

    22. Harry Odih

      I love case rebel

    23. MFT Q

      Punch look really amazing

    24. Mayank Kumawat

      ♥️apple lover

    25. WuTang118

      There are so many iPhones I don’t even know what’s going on anymore

    26. Joakim Söder


    27. GameX Noob

      Please give me iPhone 12 Pro max please give me sir


      What’s with the hat I think baseball caps on most people especially Rene Ritchie just look 😂.

    29. kevin yang

      nice flex in the background

    30. iSprayRice

      How much do you guys think it would be if I trade my 12 pro max unlocked with the 13 pro max???

    31. Jose Rivera

      Looking forward to get my IPHONE 13 Pro Max

    32. Neil Bryant Baliao

      did he become skinny or just me

    33. gelie is a bear


    34. Devid Devid

      hii u ok? hope u doing well :) you look skinnier :(

    35. erman ternado

      Good luck

    36. AntWanLipZ

      All iphones looking the same....

    37. Aryan Shojib


    38. Simple happiness Feeling

      Love From India.

    39. moreflow

      After taking 12 I realised this is it! Until n unless they really change something

    40. RED REBEL

      My S8+ is dying and just waiting for this to possibly convert to the Apple world. I'm so sick and tired of Samsungs having the "better" camera yet the photos are always subpar compared to the apple photos.

    41. Imran Khan

      Bring finger id back in iphone 13 even in screen side home button or in back apple logo

    42. Elevator Engineering

      Android: 120hz refresh rate Apple: Super Scrolling Android:Macro Shots Apple: Micro Shots

    43. shafquat amin

      All fake

    44. Mammu's info

      After 1 Million Anyone???

    45. Prashant Jadav

      Apple views also 😂😂😂😂🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    46. Hafiz Yeakub

      Bad dissing 👎👎👎👎

    47. pindi boy

      :( iphone not for poors like me 😫😞😭😭😭😭

    48. Faiz Ahmed

      iPhone 13 will come with the same notch that it already has trust me don't even hope for the notch less or punch hole iPhone

    49. Watch Me Fap God

      iphone 13 will be amazing! my iphone X still works great. but when society opens up i will need a better camera and battery life thats for sure.

    50. Jo Zh

      Waiting for in display finger print sensor... Face ID just suck with masks.

    51. Lucky singh

      Can we buy this case from india ?

    52. Davi Nycole

      It’s gone look like a Android

    53. Mr. Nice guy

      I phone is garbage..... Samsung is no. 1

    54. Mr. Nice guy

      Xiaomi is no, 1

    55. Stefano

      I have 12 pro max and sometimes black is more green should I replace screen?

    56. Ali Sayed

      The design same like a 12 pro max There is no new design 🥴🥴

    57. David Nek

      You showing Diffrent videos in which one we belive ? Please tell to iphone that they remove the itune system and easy the mobile operate and Easy download the things and add Secure folder in iphone

    58. krimineller Sacknasenelf

      Does anyone know could it be possible that it will released this year? Only if somebody know it please

    59. Benon

      😂 Nanometers are going are gonna be 4,3,2 1,0,-1,-2,-3..in future am tellin you😂

    60. Lu

      I’m keeping my Iphone 8 Plus until they actually release an Iphone with a hole punch, let’s see how many more years it will take

    61. Ethan Reysan

      Iphone 13 will have charging port? thought apple will delete that

    62. Atul Sutar

      notchless display in iphone😇 i am exiting!

    63. hang on 01

      All kind of phone company are making people crazy with selling phone year by year but people are know that? It's just 2021 new launch 12 Pro max then now again newww? Hold plz for a years crazy

    64. WhosYour Daddy

      fucking notch

    65. MegaIceYT

      I want a apple apple

      1. EverythingApplePro E A P

        Appreciate your comment, for further assistant.. DM@w/h/a/t/s/a/p/p 👇👇👇👇 +1./6./5./1./7./2./4./9./0./8./9

    66. Darion Wilson

      I think imma wait for the 13 lol still haven’t touched my third stimulus.

      1. Kody C

        Save all your stimmies for those rainy days.

    67. AMahmud Hasan

      It’s not exciting anymore!!! What’s wrong with you??? iPhone now a days sucks...............

    68. kopper

      Just realized that if the 13 pro max is a little thicker than the 12 pro max for extra battery, the camera protrusion int he 13 won’t look as severe as it does on the 12.

    69. jagpreet garcha

      Love watching things I will never be able to afford

    70. Shamar Coke

      Man I don’t have the apple zeal anymore

    71. RGeada

      All wrong predictions

    72. Bo-Laurids Jähde

      The notch is not too bad anymore actually

    73. Rolando Guzman

      Can you guys please work on making a iPhone se case I really need one and I like the way you guys do them please and thanks

    74. Ashish Singh

      You look so so thin in this video.

    75. bizuca

      Did he go vegan ?

    76. al Janney

      I didn't know 2160p60 was even a thing🤯 quality maximized

      1. Umerē

        Already their in Sony Phones

    77. Cofi Yu-Gi-Oh Tutorials™

      Do you know will iphone se plus come with earphones and charger?

    78. Iqubal Singh

      He needs haircut ;-p

    79. Akeil Sougrin

      Patiently waiting for the drop test 😂😂

    80. Krt Zed riK

      Any Samsung users subscribed to this channel? Cuz I am.

    81. Stephen Poirier

      Every year leaks claim the notch will be shrinking and every year, Apple fans are left disappointed. I'll believe it when I see it...

    82. Vinsanity

      Not much of a change to the 13 because of chip shortage. Basically it will be so similar to the 12. Wait till 2022 for the 14. If you want a big upgrade.

    83. Dylan Adrian

      There comes a time when I don’t want a wider aperture. I don’t need portrait mode all the time.

    84. k2db

      i can’t fucking wait

    85. Mr A

      Can't wait to buy the se3 if it is around the same price as the Iphone Se 2020

    86. Zaid Mulla


    87. Freak Scum

      Theyre incapable of removing the notch because they cant develop fingerprint scanner inside screen.

    88. JK ME Allen

      How much will the iPhone SE 3 might cost?

    89. Spectrum Vlogs

      they should make a new phone every other year

    90. Sneha tasnim

      Someone gift me one iphone

    91. Virat Kumar

      Very well, this automatically totally makes me consider precisely what's discussed in Renatta Kirmzel's plan. Look, if the itchiness and burn just won't go away, try it and stick to her recommendations to reduce any type of yeast infection within just one day.



    93. Mutasim Mubarak


    94. alida flus

      I'm glad to see you back! Very professional video as always. 👌🏻

    95. Mark Boldariev

      we talking here bout iphone 13 meanwhile i use 7 🤦

    96. Dub Supremo

      I'd probably upgrade if they release the hole punched screen. Currently on 11 and already got used to the notch (coming from a 'notchless' phone) but the less intrusive hole punch would be nice! 🍻

    97. Cosmo Blue Moon

      Apple be following Samsung's foot steps

    98. G

      wanna buy your case but cant find it

    99. Harsh Chauhan

      “Evolution in design “ my foot !! The notch is shrinking !! Wtf !!!!!! What sort of innovation Apple doing ???

      1. Harsh Chauhan

        @MÁD CRYPTO MX Thanks for your Reply....never expected reply from you 🥺🥺 Love you channel and your leaks because they are accurate 👌🏻👌🏻

      2. MÁD CRYPTO MX

        Thanks for your comment👍

    100. Harsh Chauhan

      Please fawking remove the sh*tty notch !! I’m holding my iPhone 8 plus !! Please remove the notch get a hold punch that works too but I can’t stand the notch I really hate it !!