Top iOS 15 Features! What's New Review

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    iOS 15 Beta 1 blew me away! Apple totally revamped Notifications, Messages, Safari, FaceTime, Photos, Apple Maps, Weather, Spotlight & More! Also NEW Widgets, Offline Siri, Live Text, SharePlay, Focus Mode & So Much More! The BEST iOS 15 features to get excited about.

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    1. EverythingApplePro E A P

      Worked really hard on this one, would appreciate a thumbs up! Huge features video coming tomorrow :P

      1. Jerrod Dorrell

        Damn u don’t even answer a brother huh…..

      2. Jerrod Dorrell

        Are u gonna make full body cases for 11 pro max? Not everyone can get the newest phone to get the great cases u make.

      3. can* ceran

        I'm so happy if you give me a iphone 12 pro max please its my dream phone

      4. music9 tiktok

      5. B.


    2. Richard E

      Good shit bro let’s go IOS 15

    3. Ace Arrey

      Snapchat doesnt give me notifications anymore since i got the update idk how to fix

    4. Learn more

      Lol please I want your ‘’Hello’’ wallpaper 🥺

    5. Viator666

      In other words nothing useful. How hard is it to give the option to _move_ photos to albums, or to protect the Hidden album with face ID, or to allow third party keyboards to work as fine as on Android. After four years I am so sick of iOS, but those moron Android phones producers keep making phones for giants (or at least people with giant hands) forcing me to stick to Apple...

    6. Ivan Guerra

      Good thing my 6S is still eligible for this

    7. Wayne Kuisis-solomon

      can you archive messages yet

    8. Must_Kill_Moe

      What the ?! Since when was EAP that sexy!?

    9. Michael Guirguis

      Everyone be really happy when they can grab text from photos and camera! 😃

    10. h00dfam0usbrat

      I don’t have iOS 15😟

    11. Stephanie Pavon

      you can only screen share for a facetime of three people or more not two

    12. Siphesihle zimu

      I trust your leaks bro , I'm wondering if you have done iphome 13 leaks.

    13. The Matrix

      Is it worth it to download the beta version or should I wait for the official release of IOS 15?

    14. Jaylin.B_tv

      I don’t have share screen option

    15. Dr. Meir Cohen

      Bottom line : Nothing new.

    16. Porei Heisnam

      Bro my phon is broken n my parents also so poor so i cannt afford a new phon can u plz share any phone 😥

    17. Alex garcia

      Just need a calander update I want to be able to color block my calander,

    18. Nzxinxznixz

      Is it true ios 15 beta 7 drain the battery faster and drain battery health? I want to install beta i mean for 1 month what can happen until they announce the official?

    19. deqwan tucker

      Who was the update right now

    20. Samantha Pineda

      What iPhones did u used? ☺️

    21. Peace 07

      So good to have a feeling in the mind dreaming about using this latest iphone ! Clicking photos of my mom with this phone as she likes to have good photos on her facebbok but yeah just imagine ! Using 1.5 gb ram andorid and seeing this iphone smoothness really is a hell of a feeling ! Still have lots of rent and loan to pay so cant even a think of buying a 100$ phone now . Great video tho just coming here daily to feel the vibes !!

    22. Pat Fraser

      Great job. Much appreciated!

    23. Flying Red Tail Hawk

      Very nice video

    24. Atif Entertainment


    25. N

      Is there anyway you can screenrecord audio in FaceTime call?

    26. Meanwhile In russia

      Why is he posting like one video a month? Theres a lot of content about apple he could cover. Im sure of it? Is there something wrong with him that i dont know? Is he dead?

    27. Johnny Knoxville

      iOS 15 = TRASH

    28. Santana vic

      Now they gon understand y I leave them on seen I’m sleep lmao

    29. Gaud Colon

      Split screen for when??????????????? This updates are stupid

    30. Gibson Angel René

      Hey Willy I am back where are your hand gloves 🧤

    31. William Vdk

      Anyone else that has problems with this new update regarding safari? I kant play videos within safari. The video will start and there will be sound but the screen remains black. Does anyone know how to fix this ?

    32. Oliver Cable

      I LOVE APPLE 🖤🌚

    33. Liverpool5563

      Why can’t what’s app do what apple has done with photos bunch them together.

    34. Juanita Altamirano

      Maps is still missing the ability to add a stop. And when are they going to do anything with the email app???? That has not changed AT ALL! I need more inbox organization.

    35. Foodlover1999

      wow they left out the new feature that will scan your icloud photos and messages

    36. Oeng David

      Thank for telling us :)

    37. Nick Rivera

      Swiping on the new tabs sucks i hope they make it easier to do with a thumb

    38. Jaishankar KC

      Long time no see..where you are

    39. Izaac

      Who's Tanya?

    40. House of Destinee

      Is it out

    41. Pigmen 11

      Hey if anyone could get me in touch with filip I’d appreciate it a lot!! Filip if your reading this please message me!!!

    42. Henry Lopez


    43. Kyle ツ

      a small mistake you made: the magnifier app had an option in settings for it to show up as an app and not just control center shortcut (nohate ofc!)

    44. Joe Strandell

      Hello from Nashville hahaha

    45. S P

      Here are cats, wrong breed but… well done Apple! LoL

    46. Dark Shadow

      Still on ios 13.6 iPhone 7 Plus

    47. Da Gabru Vines

      I've been using iphone since 7 years till now too. But now i dont see apple do anything new!!! Just an ios update doesnt means its new!!! Its the same design , same camera (slight improvement) , if you look back from iphone 12 pro max to iphone 6s plus... its same!!! Except the cameras.

    48. hamad almansour

      say hello to Tanya form me

    49. King 👑 

      I CANT WAIT TELL IOS 15 Comes Out it’s really good 👍

    50. Takeia Love

      I can not wait until iOS 15 comes it’s looking good already because the way it looking in the video while your describing what’s new I love it

    51. Conrad van Niekerk

      The big question is, what happened to your thumb? 😉

    52. Mr. Huh?

      Wow android features cool

    53. Emeka Egbunike

      It doesn’t work on iPhones 8 and bellow, that’s for some of the features.

    54. Sije de Vos

      Did iOS 15 fix iOS 14 stuttering in animations for opening and closing apps?

    55. Sonny Bui

      All this and you still can’t hide the dock 🙄

    56. Super Taehyung

      I just update mine now... And i love it

    57. N S

      Nooo😩 i dont like that new safari, i like old😑

    58. j Jay

      I know this updated gone get a lot of people in trouble 😂😂especially with that screen sharing

    59. Mega Beast115

      great videos man keep it up


      All I really care about is iPad now has low power mode

    61. Preston

      Should I buy a iPhone XR or 11 or 11 pro or 12 for apple if I get one next year since I’m upgrading from my iPhone se 2020 next year. Or should I buy a S10 or S10+ or S20 or S21 any suggestions guys

    62. Ma tt

      This used to be the go to channel for everything Apple related. Not anymore He is focused on his cases and other ventures where he can make money.

    63. Friends Pokémon and fun

      Thank you for all the videos

    64. Friends Pokémon and fun

      I downloaded iOS 15 And watched your video it was so cool

    65. Prettyboy Jay

      Just like that earth app that was on MacBooks and iMacs years ago

    66. Vahniysh

      i hate it.

    67. Ben Johnson

      Dang ios 15 isn’t a huge difference just looks like a ios 14 update

    68. HISTORY HOURS #nop2w

      1:48 The Illuminati

    69. caylin

      Trust me the tracking AirPods will be used a lot in my house

    70. Butcher the Silence

      Apple should make email notifications for specific messages - so when an important person responds to your email the mail app notifies you on that specific email reply.

    71. bibbyshibby

      Still can't natively theme, adjust size or move icons anywhere outside of the grid - was able to do that on a blackberry curve. Gotta jump through hoops just to have an icon placed in a certain spot. Jailbreaking still seems like the only way to customize your phone to suit your needs when they could simply allow app store apps to change those basic festures. Heck I had a jailbroken 5s that I could theme icons, enable keyboard haptic feedback and pretty much anything else I needed. I don't understand their big updates "weather app visual update" wow that's revolutionary.

    72. Cory Weston

      iOS really needs a redesign.

    73. cesa97

      Seems like one of the better updates we’ve had in a while, I’ll be looking forward to using it

    74. Abdul Kabir

      does text on photos work on iphone 5

    75. Gabi Sanchez

      Where is your case from? I love it!

    76. Souchik Joardar

      What happened to your hand?

    77. therealestmc85

      I like what I’m seeing from iOS 15 so far.

    78. LCC

      8:55 that should have been a feature ages ago

    79. Sam Margolies

      Wow…I hate most of it

    80. Adam A

      Put time stamps

    81. abcbob23 abcbob23

      i find it funny the bought back the globe view on maps from ios9

    82. Secto Kia

      The photo to text feature at least is something that actually can be handy day to day. Everything else iOS just seems like very little increments. Apart from text to photo I'm not sure iphone has added anything useful new to my life for many many years now.

    83. Eddy B

      nothing new .same old features

      1. ChrisBinlackin

        Because they already caught up on everything , Look at android 12 “massive” improvement it just basically Ios 14

    84. Abdullah Kharfan

      I upgraded and my can’t seem to use my watch anymore so I downgraded! Hopefully the public beta will be a bit more mature

    85. Everton P

      Surprisingly accurate...but inaccurate lol

    86. Kenny Davila

      They still don’t have a way you can change the font letters lol

    87. Rîth AstroniaTzy

      AS Sensitivity (Affects the sensitivity of the camera when the screen is swiped while firing. Can be used to keep the barrel down.) 3rd Person No Scope Ist Person No Scope 85% 10% 十 Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 2× Scope 35% 30% + 3x Scope, Win34 4× Scope, VSS 25% 24% + - - B× scope 8x scopE 23% 20% - - TPP Aim FPP Aim 40% 40% + - Settings Basic Graphics Controls Vehicle Sensitivity Pick Up Scope Audio Effect Settings Language

    88. Alec P

      Am I missing something here? I downloaded a beta. Non of these map features are implemented for me. The only thing thats there are 3D buildings, no 3D terrain to show overlapping roads, no road lines or crosswalks or 3D Trees.

    89. Axel Ljungqvist

      6:00 (live text in camera) It didnt manage to read a single one of the texts you tried correctly. You: "im stunned at how well it works"

    90. Tarikoo sama

      Siri offline doesn’t work to play music on apple music☹️

    91. Lucas Fc

      i have iphone ios 14.6

      1. Eric roy

        I tried that but it didn't work,but finally done. Keep up the great work! HACKERSLORD01 🔗 ℹ️♑💲T🅰️G®️🅰️Ⓜ️You are a pleasure to work with. for my device is successfully. Great job! I really appreciate💯💯💯💯💯💯

      2. Eric roy

        DM via WhatsApp +12018790042

    92. MusicLover18

      Ooohhhhh who’s Tonya Y ❤️????? 😏😏😏 bangin that??

    93. g2gggg

      These is more like a 14.5.x update than a 15

    94. Joshua Miller

      offline siri is not available for any phones older than XS.....🙄

    95. N English

      quality of life, hahahahahhahahhahaahahaha upgrades hahahahhahahahahhahhah

    96. Gagandeep Sabharwal

      I just installed Beta and sad to say very disappointed. No noticeable difference from 14.

    97. SN SN

      OMG,, i just got dizzy with this video your hand is so shaky, one of the worse review

    98. Sienna LaRAe

      I wish I could update to it now 😭 lol

    99. Steve Hara

      How is the battery life on the iOS15 ?

    100. Something useful

      Maps new version looks like the GTA map