USB Killer V4 vs iPhone 12/12 Pro, Note 20 Ultra, Pixel 5 & More! Instant Death?

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    What happens if you plug the NEW USB Killer 4 PRO into an iPhone 12, 12 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Google Pixel 5, AirPods & more devices. USB Killer instant death is back baby!

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    1. EverythingApplePro E A P

      My new Gen-2 Rebel Cases are FINALLY in stock! Thank you for supporting 💪

      1. can* ceran

        @Apple Pigeony M.C - NYC sorry

      2. Apple Pigeony M.C - NYC

        @can* ceran How about you get your own. Speechless guy.

      3. can* ceran

        Please if you give me a iphone 12 pro max I'm so happy

      4. Anonna Telecom Me no I lol

        8080 I will have the check tomorrow to be in a few weeks

      5. Leonit Dervishaj

        @Apple Pigeony M.C - NYC i just want to see what can the new 2021 flagships can handle

    2. Sai Krishna

      All are duplicate mobiles dude don't bluff others

    3. Riders Blitz

      Perfect weapon for those who only buy phone just for showing off

    4. Pubg Pubg

      Hey Bro need to Know if we destroy iphone 12 pro or the Samsung s21 ultra will the company give us a new device or will they void the warranty in simple can u tell if company will replace iphone and give us a new one if under warranty

    5. Abraham Berlanga

      I’m going to ask my good friend to plug this into our schools entire power box it produces the light and internet and lots more so while he’s plugging it in I’m gonna activate it using the remote And they’ll never know Because you won’t be alive to tell them

    6. Damien Hartley

      Any none official Apple charger will destory Apple computers because it is designed that way.

    7. The SeanUhTron

      This is like watching phones on death row get the electric chair.


      now that it has a battery, kill the Nokia 3310, or at least try lol

    9. Jaymark Corambao

      This is so cool🤩😍

    10. Yandi Saputra

      Give me 1 iphone 12 pro

    11. ᴄᴜᴛᴇ ᴘᴏɪꜱᴏɴ

      Adich poyi gooys...

    12. C-e-l-l

      You waste a lot of money man

    13. Rouge Lazer

      What's with the fuckin huge ass wound on his right hand

    14. Kivinin Kanalı

      can this very small iphone mini can play asphalt 9?!

    15. Naveed Hassan

      I used to like your channel. I don’t know what this channel is about now.

    16. Don Ram

      Here iPhone waste of money proof video 😏

    17. John Matthew Lozano

      For yall who dont know a usb killer it basically frys the circuits of the device

    18. rflx

      use it on a ps5 or xbox series s/x 💀

    19. Shreyas Waghela

      can its fried NASA too ?

    20. Reourn Makara មករា

      No please Brother please 😢😭😭😭😭

    21. Brian Moore

      test it on a lenovo chromebook

    22. Helicard

      You SOB

    23. Alex The mta and r211,weather, fan

      Now the usb killer app you can prank people and disguise it as a charger or cover it up with tape,do this while someone is napping,then execute with the app from a distance.

    24. firehawk 134


    25. Mooz Game

      Gimme the iphone hes dead now 😅

    26. CoopzGamer 15

      Do this again, but do USB killer vs USB killer now that they have batteries in them

    27. Pablo

      I like iOS than android but I like google pixel (aka vanilla android) than iOS or iPhones in general

    28. Thiha Zaw

      I have USB Killers

    29. Abhishek J.

      That's the thanos move!!!!

    30. MR.Jenric O.

      Just give me that iphone 12. For my online class plss.

    31. TheRealDeal

      Can you kill my iPhone 12 Pro please? I’m serious. I need it to be damaged

    32. LordGrieferfake

      5 Usb killer in a usb hub

    33. Cookie_Gacha

      I putted a usb killer in my moms phone I got in trouble... 😟

    34. Dinkar Fowkar

      I felt bad for Mini iPhone

    35. Luiis

      nice video quality keep it up :)

    36. whirled peas

      Universal Serial Buster

    37. Korban  Review

      No 😭

    38. Korban  Review


    39. Certified Troller

      The new V4 did absolutely nothing to my iPhone only changes I can see is slower charging. USB killer need to up their game

    40. king Mod

      Iphone security 😑😐 android security 👑😀

    41. Classified Person

      No port then problem solved

    42. Michael Jr.

      Can I have the note 20 ultra? I wanna see if I can refurbish it. Plus I'm looking for a new phone lol

    43. James stott

      What phone is that mini iPhone?

    44. Orlando Monge

      You should plug it into an outlet

    45. Matthew Brooks

      what if you plugged it into the school computer or the library computer lol

    46. Sneakoz

      Let's hope someone doesn't take this to an aeroplane USB charger

    47. William Juntax

      The USB killer in every version will not affect the Nintendo switch pro

    48. Collin Resop

      Overvolting can kill any electronic dude. Does this surprise anyone lol

    49. ILoveApple & Youtube

      Next plug it into wall outlet

    50. Nicholas Bennett

      Can someone explain what the point of this is

    51. Corentin T

      Im surprised by Note 20 Ultra since Note 8 resisted the 3.0 version i thought Note 20 Ultra would to this one

    52. Jherwin Carmona

      I wish I have iPhone for my birthday

    53. riley busse

      Try this on galaxy fold galaxy fold 2 and galaxy s21 plz

    54. Vaughan Xavier Music

      Yoo ezz bee

    55. XxLegGodxX T

      No wonder why iPhone don.t work that much

    56. Hornet's Channel

      When your made your iPhone will crash at 12:15 video, is that why my iPad reset during school?

    57. ☞R_a_p_t_o_r

      Osm osm try more on 🍎

    58. Carson Games

      How about airpods vr usb killer

    59. Raiyan Habib

      Do you sale iPhones

      1. ManEatsPants


    60. Milan Lazarevic

      Try the usb killer on your imac

    61. Joshua Ellis #18

      One ? Why?

      1. ManEatsPants

        he said its testing

    62. Wesnat2412

      3:09 voice crack 😂

    63. 1996 Honda Civic

      Good idea for the last day of grade 8

    64. John Bracken

      What is the purpose of having this?what!!

    65. ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij

      waste of money

      1. SpaceGood


    66. Goose Productions

      can you kill a USB killer using a USB killer?

    67. Phone Guru


      1. ManEatsPants

        he can

    68. Bri3nWithA3

      Can you test this USB Killer V4 against the LG Stylo 5, an Xbox Series X, and a PS5. I know that Everythingapplepro will never see this but im writing it anyway

    69. ugly orc

      Me:*runs at a person* *punchs* *puts in the USB killer* the phone:hi I'm a Nokia 😀 me:shit

    70. ꧁L I F I X Y꧂god ツ Killγou

      nooo the new mobiles🥺

    71. Al Walid Ghalayini

      make another one

    72. VOLTRON AKA Albert

      I’m think the pocket sprite dosent have anything connected to data pins so that’s why the usb killer didn’t make a sound

    73. VOLTRON AKA Albert

      Everythingappelpro Nintendo switch lite is stil vulnerable

    74. ReallyGreatDIYs

      Me: watches with intrest when iPhone comes EAP: (plugging Usb Killer in iPhone 12 and 12 Pro) Me: please dont turn off iPhone 12 series(Turns off and restarts) Me: phew EAP (Plugging Usb Killer In Note 20 Ultra) Me: thinks: (it will not die😔) (When Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra dies) Me: YESSS!!! DIE!! SAMSUNG!!!!!!

    75. DaffodilHen1179 -canal inactiv-

      Try the USB Killer on the USB Killer-Remote.

    76. Coxie Yien

      Can i buy that USB killer?

    77. Jack Brawner


    78. evan

      Yeah finally pixel 5 and iphone 12 are now stronger

    79. Jermaine Ortiz

      darn this what you order for someone you really don't like. i cant believe they make something like this.

    80. Prince Lalex


    81. ŞERMİN GÜL

      İphone 12/12 pro: i am the best Google Pixel: and i took that personally Legend Of Zelda: Did you guys said something?

    82. 🅢 🅚 🅐 🅣 🅔  ➍  🅛🅘🅕🅔

      I’m crying because you are killing my dream phones 😢 I have no phone just a big fat ipad

      1. 🅢 🅚 🅐 🅣 🅔  ➍  🅛🅘🅕🅔

        Cuz that’s what she said

      2. 🅢 🅚 🅐 🅣 🅔  ➍  🅛🅘🅕🅔

        @ManEatsPants it’s a joke you know

      3. ManEatsPants


    83. Ritesh Pisudde 3

      4:16 look at the apps I think pubg and Asphalt 9 😱😱😱 but why !!!!!!!!


      12 pro Max fake

      1. ManEatsPants


    85. Tom's videos of random crap

      Samsung fans are probably butthurt about this 😂

    86. Kidgenius2011

      you still use the pixel 5 just wireless charge it and the iphones 2

    87. Yahnez

      Try A12

    88. Destiny Tochukwu

      Really gets distroyed but apple tried more than Samsung at this point can I have the iPhone 12

    89. jazzemar lazares

      i know you want to giveaway the iphone 12 pro max its todaly mine and me

    90. Dr. Kostakious

      Everybody gangsta till someone plugs this to your house sockets

    91. Omar Rrr

      I have the same iPhone 12

    92. Omar Rrr

      My iPhone 12 is scared

    93. bobux farm

      noo rip iphone 12

    94. Ziyaan healthcare centre

      micro EMP

    95. VT Shreeram

      whats the purpose of usb killer?

    96. Joel Gomez

      What’s the point of a USB killer? I’m going to look this up

    97. Jesper Hammarlund

      this is why apple wants to remove lightning port for full wireless can't kill it then haha

    98. Small Fry

      Woooooowwwww smh Samsung. Seems like they are building them a little shittier each gen and charging more money for less features

    99. J R

      If I were doing illegal activity and police wanted to search my phone, this would definitely come in handy

    100. Tommaso Schiaffino

      3:20 fake iphone lol