USB Killer V4 vs iPhone 12/12 Pro, Note 20 Ultra, Pixel 5 & More! Instant Death?

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    What happens if you plug the NEW USB Killer 4 PRO into an iPhone 12, 12 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Google Pixel 5, AirPods \u0026 more devices. USB Killer instant death is back baby!

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    1. EverythingApplePro E A P

      My new Gen-2 Rebel Cases are FINALLY in stock! Thank you for supporting 💪

      1. Leonit Dervishaj

        @Apple Pigeony M.C - NYC i just want to see what can the new 2021 flagships can handle

      2. Apple Pigeony M.C - NYC

        @Leonit Dervishaj no you speechless dude

      3. Leonit Dervishaj

        can you do usb killer vs with the new s21 and other flagships

    2. Phone Guru


    3. Bri3nWithA3

      Can you test this USB Killer V4 against the LG Stylo 5, an Xbox Series X, and a PS5. I know that Everythingapplepro will never see this but im writing it anyway

    4. og name

      Me:*runs at a person* *punchs* *puts in the USB killer* the phone:hi I'm a Nokia 😀 me:shit

    5. ꧁L I F I X Y꧂god ツ Killγou

      nooo the new mobiles🥺

    6. Al Walid Ghalayini

      make another one

    7. Albert J.

      I’m think the pocket sprite dosent have anything connected to data pins so that’s why the usb killer didn’t make a sound

    8. Albert J.

      Everythingappelpro Nintendo switch lite is stil vulnerable

    9. ReallyGreatDIYs

      Me: watches with intrest when iPhone comes EAP: (plugging Usb Killer in iPhone 12 and 12 Pro) Me: please dont turn off iPhone 12 series(Turns off and restarts) Me: phew EAP (Plugging Usb Killer In Note 20 Ultra) Me: thinks: (it will not die😔) (When Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra dies) Me: YESSS!!! DIE!! SAMSUNG!!!!!!

    10. DaffodilHen1179 -canal inactiv-

      Try the USB Killer on the USB Killer-Remote.

    11. Coxie Yien

      Can i buy that USB killer?

    12. Jack Brawner


    13. Evan Yandell

      Yeah Finally Pixel 5 And iPhone 12 Mini Are Now Stronger

    14. Jermaine Ortiz

      darn this what you order for someone you really don't like. i cant believe they make something like this.

    15. Prince Lalex


    16. ŞERMİN GÜL

      İphone 12/12 pro: i am the best Google Pixel: and i took that personally Legend Of Zelda: Did you guys said something?

    17. SKATE 4 life

      I’m crying because you are killing my dream phones 😢 I have no phone just a big fat ipad

    18. Ritesh Pisudde 3

      4:16 look at the apps I think pubg and Asphalt 9 😱😱😱 but why !!!!!!!!


      12 pro Max fake

    20. thomas phillips

      Samsung fans are probably butthurt about this 😂

    21. Kidgenius2011

      you still use the pixel 5 just wireless charge it and the iphones 2

    22. Yahnez

      Try A12

    23. Destiny Tochukwu

      Really gets distroyed but apple tried more than Samsung at this point can I have the iPhone 12

    24. jazzemar lazares

      i know you want to giveaway the iphone 12 pro max its todaly mine and me

    25. Dr. Kostakious

      Everybody gangsta till someone plugs this to your house sockets

    26. Omar Rrr

      I have the same iPhone 12

    27. Omar Rrr

      My iPhone 12 is scared

    28. bobux farm

      noo rip iphone 12

    29. Kashif Physio

      micro EMP

    30. Shreeram VT

      whats the purpose of usb killer?

    31. Joel Gomez

      What’s the point of a USB killer? I’m going to look this up

    32. Jesper Hammarlund

      this is why apple wants to remove lightning port for full wireless can't kill it then haha

    33. Small Fry

      Woooooowwwww smh Samsung. Seems like they are building them a little shittier each gen and charging more money for less features

    34. J R

      If I were doing illegal activity and police wanted to search my phone, this would definitely come in handy

    35. Tommaso Schiaffino

      3:20 fake iphone lol

    36. alan lobos

      Electronic Kill all iPad and iPhone

    37. Ez TVlogs

      That's sad! Can I have one of it? you're breaking phones I can't afford.

    38. IYB Productions

      That iphone 12 is fake...

    39. Smiths

      5:26 Some battery banks have built-in anti-surge / anti-over-current and will be bought back to life via charging it.

    40. Oscar Van de walle

      When will the new cases be out? Edit: Will there be gen 2 cases for the IPhone XR? If so when?

      1. Ryan Wallace

        I can’t imagine there will be seeing that’s it’s not the latest and greatest or even last gen


      Imagine if all those phones explode on video

    42. NHSQ EDITH

      You are destroying iphone and i need one iphone but couldn’t afford one of this

    43. GAME WORLD

      Im never destroying my childhood

    44. Arkana Exe

      IPhone is fake

    45. Abdul Qadir Bhuvad

      Do it on a tesla or electric car

    46. youku Qr code

    47. light gray

      Kids who disliked this video : That phone could'be been mine why did you destroy a perfectly fine phone?

    48. arian Mohammadi

      Your iphone11pro fake

    49. elvis jude

      where can i buy a usb killer

    50. Yousuf Khan

      Nothing as apple prove here

    51. Cristiano Vitorino

      where did u get that mini iphone?

      1. e

        @Cristiano Vitorino on amazon for 600$

      2. Cristiano Vitorino

        my lil bro wants one and is begging me for it now

    52. IM DEV!

      4:55 let's destroy our childhood 😭

    53. Drake Patton

      Why does his voice sound more American than his old vids

    54. #Aamir_mum #SwiftieAamir

      Where will i find that mini iphone I really want to get one

    55. GreatBritishJoshYT


    56. Emmanuel Reid

      iPhone 12 please

    57. chaitresh ezhava

      How small is mini iphone 😍 i want that 🔥

    58. Shayma Rekani

      iPhone is dead on ☹😲😭😢😤😟😫

    59. László Majercsák

      try it with nokia

    60. Hunter Oni

      Idk what kind of "education" i am getting by watching this this just gives me pain

    61. Jake Bednar

      “Let’s destroy our childhood” -EverythingApplePro

    62. Nox Next

      And why exactly would anybody want to do this?!?

    63. Aishvir 2

      Apple sucks Like if u think the same 👍

      1. e

        @Aishvir 2 And how does that even relate to the video? And your comeback suck, "just hate apple" WTF is that?? And why do you want me to hate apple? You don't control my body, also stop liking your own comment, it will not reach a high amount of likes.

      2. e

        @Aishvir 2 apple doesn't suck, iPhone 12 and the iPad pro with the m1 chip kicked android tablets and android smart phones, Why do you think they suck? Because you cant afford one?

      3. Aishvir 2

        @e just hate apple

      4. e

        how does that relate in this video

    64. Razel Mahimpit

      Your just waisting, just give it me! Hahahah i dont have i phone bro.

    65. Fabian Christoper

      Imagine one day mind can be uploaded to servers and then a random guy commits genocide by plugging this thing in

    66. Kate James

      For the note 20 ultra you left USB on so it had a higher shock then usual which made the phone die.

    67. Ali ReZuán

      Bro you break and destroy all these phns why dont you give it to me?😂😂😂

    68. kyo and meow

      Rip samsungs

    69. Rain

      Try charging the phone wirelessly 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    70. Baryilnaan Joseph

      I never knew my fiance was cheating on me. Thank you #Mightycracks for the hack....

    71. Baryilnaan Joseph

      I never knew my fiance was cheating on me. Thank you #Mightycracks for the hack....

    72. FireBirdsFan5476

      Love to see these again

    73. Katie Dunn

      This is so cool

    74. tip pinas

      What happend after all the dead phone's! they asked for warranty? How? What if the manufacturer saw this video 😁

    75. g wakefield

      i used one of these for my school computers lmao and i dont have to present anymore!!

    76. Karan Nokhai

      I dont hef a phone kan i hef a iphone 12 pro max

    77. Karan Nokhai

      I wont a iphone 12 pro max plz 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    78. Karan Nokhai

      I won 't a iphone 12 pro max plz

    79. Karan Nokhai


    80. mr jla

      3:36 killing iphone pro max ur welcome

    81. Ahmed Anas

      Don’t waste please send me iPhone 12 😭

    82. AMAZ1NGCHR1S

      Could i have that note 20 ultra just for a chance

    83. shorts highlights

      Tomara que exploda na mão dele

    84. Johnson Nduhukire

      Thanks man for ur technology bat those guargets ur killing are more useful to me in Uganda east Africa I can repair and resell and get the money of my kids bro thanks so much please help me I need them sene me the package my kids are toning bro

    85. dodoi vivo

      I like this video . Useful

    86. Trudy Fry


    87. Sebastian Wyrozebski

      He should try it with real iPhone so the test would be equal

    88. Matthew Jones

      Wait whats the point of this😂😂😂😂😂

    89. K. Isaac

      What about s21 ultra

    90. Kênh 1976

      oh, What's USB killer ???

    91. khein melchor

      Taena sana binigay mo nlng

    92. Mahmoud Vika

      I swear I wish I could be with Yvonne💔💔

    93. George Antar


    94. Jack Heffernan

      Can I have an iPhone please my phone died

    95. Soda Pop

      everythingapplepro sounds like tech rex

    96. ThriftybyNature

      Bye bye 10 thousand dollars

    97. The Four Corners

      what the hell?! When you want those phones, but he just destroyed it in seconds... my heart breaks everytime

      1. qwerty keyboard

        @Xfiqf "I wouldn't mind one"=entitlement?

      2. Xfiqf

        @qwerty keyboard what makes you think you're entitled to a free phone anyway?.

      3. qwerty keyboard

        @Blake Sking instead of going to someone who would actually use it, it got destroyed.

      4. Blake Sking

        @qwerty keyboardThey are already manufactured it doesn’t even matter.

      5. qwerty keyboard

        @The Four Corners i wouldn’t mind one either tbh

    98. Daniel Pacheco

      What happens if you plug the usb killer into a phone charger and plug the phone charger into an outlet in your home? 🔥🔥🏠🏠

    99. Daniel Pacheco

      Are Samsung and android phones more durable now? 😂😂😂

    100. Hasan Sami

      USB Killer v4 vs Nokia 3310