iPhone 12 Mini vs 12 Pro Max DROP Test! Size Matters

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    iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Drop Test! Does the 'Toughest glass in any smartphone'.. hold up in bigger or smaller sizes? Ceramic Shield FTW!
    Bonus iPhone 12 Pro Max bend test included!

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    iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro Drop Test: hraero.info/contact/x4mUk52OwKaVzcw/video

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    1. EverythingApplePro E A P

      My new Gen-2 Rebel Cases are FINALLY in stock! Thank you for supporting 💪 phonerebel.com/products/rebel-gen-2-series

      1. Satheesh Ramasamy

        @Janai Douglas what do you think

      2. Janai Douglas

        @Satheesh Ramasamy I think

      3. Satheesh Ramasamy

        Can I buy phone rebel case for 12 and se 2 in India

      4. Satheesh Ramasamy

        Is it available in India

      5. Sarvente

        @Nirman Gaming 𝐬𝐭𝐮𝐩𝐢𝐝 😂

    2. Jesse Hernandez

      You need to learn when to release when you count down from 3-2-1 cause you’re already at 1 after you drop the phones 🤣

    3. Apple Rulida

      I hope can buy this someday

    4. Krista Starr

      I’ve never broken a iPhone screen or my phone in the history having phones that’s my biggest flex right now. But I also buy good drop cases for them.

    5. Shadow

      And I dropped my pro max from below waist height and cracked the back glass…

    6. Zion Golden Xxx Edits

      Waste of phone lol 😂

      1. Raj Sharma


    7. tahmina miah

      Can you do this with a standard clear case on

      1. Raj Sharma


    8. Gv

      How much do all of those phones cost?

      1. Raj Sharma


    9. Damian Harris

      he Says I'm also going to do a bend test at the end iPhone 6 good thing its not with me

    10. Killox —XD ⚡️


      1. Raj Sharma


    11. Empress Sarada2

      I hate that people do this because I have had the same phone for over 4 years (iPhone 8)

    12. Charlotte Rampling

      Can I get one sir? My phone is 6s...

    13. Lol Personal

      Ipjone mini better than pto max

    14. Lol Personal

      I have a 12 Pro not max but when he drops a iPhone my heart beats 5000 times per second

    15. jagpreet garcha

      Man who will drop their phones from 10 feet man 😅


      Why you breaking iPhone bro

    17. Hoang Os

      my iphone 12 promax flew out of my motorbike at 140km/h, and it still didn't break, luckily

    18. Lenka

      Where did you get your sneakers? I want them so bad! Btw, wanted to cry each time you dropped those gorgeous phones... I'm glad you're not doing the "microwave test" the whole world would cry

    19. Sabinah Mwewa

      How I would love to own any of those iPhones,my iPhone 7 plus was stolen,at midnight by robbers who broken in to my apartment.

    20. John franz Cero

      Hope you will do giveaway again because my phone is heating up and i want to work to help my parent hope u can help my phone is samsung ao1 core only so i need new one thats all god bless♡


      Whats wrong with hand that bandage is in every video i watch

    22. Johnny D

      ok does he just walk into the apple store and say can i have 6 of thoseand 5 of those

    23. Nickiana supremacy

      this is an experiment you should be dropping the phones from the same height more than once

    24. Seville M

      Every time they do this… I cringe.

    25. Renato Lucas


    26. Samarth More

      Sir can you please get me a iphone 12 also please you get so many to do the drop test , getting 6 to 7 iPhone 12 series phones, could you get me one 🙂

    27. click129

      y do that i love the phone's

    28. Zahra Nazari

      When you break them it’s like breaking my heart

    29. Zahra Nazari

      How stupid I think it is because we can’t afford to buy it and they are breaking like they own the iPhone company hha

    30. Mail Totey


    31. Mail Totey

      DO NOT BEND TEST!!!!!!!

    32. Mail Totey

      DO NOT DROP TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    33. Mountain Drew

      Watching this on my iPhone 12 Mini 64gb Product Red

    34. Rohit Paul

      No drop please give a phone phone happiness

    35. mohammad khafan

      Its so funny that the iphone 12 mini is so stronger the iphone 12 pro😐😂

    36. MR BEAST fam

      How can ma man make up his mind to Do this.

    37. Keira Osborne

      3:00 youre welcome

    38. JayStapes

      mini did better overall lol

    39. Unspoken Sniper Live

      I think when displays improve the pixels die quicker rather then it be shattering, that’s y the only iPhones had shattered glass but the display always worked bc it wasn’t oled

    40. Fabian Castillo

      Drops are like farts the silent ones really have it out for you 😂😂

    41. Yulian Castellanos

      I want a red iphone12 ok ✅

    42. Yulian Castellanos


    43. Matthew Birch

      does it hurt your soul when you drop IPhone's

    44. Jason Alfs Cuarenta

      Fun fact: I don't have any phone, I wish I had one. :(

    45. ツ

      It hurts every single time he makes these drop test

    46. Trish Trish

      Can i have the back camera lens? Since mine broke :(

    47. Ryan226

      #I iphone 12 mini

    48. Joy J. Borah

      Broo😭i subscribed ur channel, hit a like, pressed the bell icon..and and and most important i followed ur account/channel (phonerebel). Now i want my iPhone😭 dont ditch 😭😭 even texted in ur channel phonerebel... Need my phoneee

      1. Thor_Lock_habibi

        🤣🤣🤣 your funny

    49. Mohanad SSM


    50. Shoaib Shahid

      You have so many give me these broken one

    51. Shoaib Shahid

      Give me these broken phone my father needs because he has huawei p9 the baddest phone I have seen😭😢😭😢

    52. Kian mohammadi

      I love how cute iPhone 12 Mini

    53. Diyar Ibrahim

      Me thinks that’s going to happen to me with my otterbox and glass screen protector

    54. Kishore KP

      Can I get drop test of samsung galaxy note 10 and note 20 ultra

    55.  c4rd

      Glad I just got the mini ☺️

    56. Samantha Matias

      Watching this using my iPhone 12 pro max 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

    57. Irish 001

      I really want an iPhone 12 mini tbh I love it so much

    58. Roberto Salvador

      Don't break the phone please give me instead

    59. HighEnd Gaming

      Im even scared to drop my iphone on my bed 😂😂😂

    60. yHero – Kun


    61. Dani

      My anxiety can’t handle this lol

    62. Abhishek Ahuja

      Please wear safety gloves for the last test. This isn't what you should be doing.

    63. Jyothi's Kitchen

      Please give me one iPhone 12😭

    64. Deepak Sharma

      Hey bro give me this I phone 12 mini plz

    65. Thomas Oakley

      I never won nothing so I don’t know who

    66. MhasSh_ Naga II

      IPhone is my dream phone ever in my life and it's been a many years ago but I still can't effort yet and I feel like I never gonna effort anymore and forever 😢😢😢😢😞😞😞 so is here anybody to help me please🙏🙏🙏 😢😢😢😢

    67. Hritwik Ranjan

      At some point it was just a horror movie

    68. Terence Mckenna

      12 was like 😴😵 shut down

    69. Kaziology Vlogs

      Plz do corner drops that’s where these are weak

    70. Kaziology Vlogs

      I don’t believe in these tests anymore. I remember my iPhone 11 Pro Max dropped from approx 10-15 inch height and whole corner and screen glass cracked like there’s no tomorrow

    71. Kaziology Vlogs

      Ffs I can’t even get one and your playing with so many. Plz throw one at me bro?

    72. FireBear22

      This kind of videos hurt a lot

    73. rallway crossing


    74. Mr AL YT Gaming


    75. Hi Babu

      I just drop my phone and i was worried so I checked on HRaero 😂

    76. Callan George

      I’m pretty sure the front & back glass of the 12 pro max are the same & also constantly dropping the same phone over & over at different heights will cause it to crack or smash in some sort of way because it’s constantly being dropped but 1 or 2 drops here & there wouldn’t do much damage depending on surfaces

    77. ØČŤΔΠΞ

      Currently watching this on a galaxy S10

    78. Kanaye

      I don't watch horror movies, I watch drop tests

    79. Nadir Nas

      instead of you destroying the iphone, better give it to me to use it. still using a iphone 6s

    80. DJ Painkiller

      This just hurts to watch them shatter

    81. FLIWOR

      Вывод: 12 mini

    82. Kristopher D

      “Size matters” damn that’s what she said 🙄

    83. Aditya Thakur

      1 hamai ko da do

    84. Jacob Sosa - Jacob tempered tantrum

      7:37 I think the back broke

    85. Fin

      every time my heart stops

    86. Ubaidha Ummer

      Next tym if u had tendency to broke iphone.. Dont do that.... I will Protect it like a treasure that god give to me..... 🙂🙂🙂

    87. Ubaidha Ummer

      Pls give me one iphone...... Dont destroy itt... plsss...... 😢😭

    88. Ty Budrow

      these videos were far less stressful before i was buying my own phones

    89. JaiRestore

      Imagine being a phone excited to see your new owner only to find out it’s eap


      Bro can you have me this iPhone 12 Pro max I will happy in that

    91. Anam Kazi

      Y to break phone instead give me😭😭

    92. Fraden Moses Kizito

      Hi may you give me a min that is damaged. Can't afford one here in south Africa please 🙄🙈😁



    94. Cj Xyz

      I wish you could just have given it to me🥺😣😂😅

    95. ZiggiesAquatic Exotics

      This hurts my soul

    96. Brady Muller

      Yes, cause many people be standing on ladders holding their brand new caseless iPhone 12 above them🧐🧐🙄🙄

    97. Vanny-offficalll Gillat

      Fix itttttttttt

    98. Raymundo Lantin

      pleas give me a phone sir pleas GOD BLESS

    99. zeke hinojosa

      I want

    100. zeke hinojosa