iPhone 12 Mini vs 12 Pro Max DROP Test! Size Matters

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    iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Drop Test! Does the 'Toughest glass in any smartphone'.. hold up in bigger or smaller sizes? Ceramic Shield FTW!
    Bonus iPhone 12 Pro Max bend test included!

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    1. EverythingApplePro E A P

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      1. m.d shaikh official

        Plz 1 iphone my plzplz 🙏🏾

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        When is the iPhone 13 pro max coming out?

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        Please give me iphone 12

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        @Janai Douglas what do you think

      5. Janai Douglas

        @Satheesh Ramasamy I think

    2. Shishir Ahmed

      Can you give me a iPhone 11 pro???? I am begging you to give me a iPhone 11 pro 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    3. Abby Stephens

      This guy is crazy


      Bro dont do this please . Instead of breaking phones you can give me😂😂😂❤️

    5. Mimic Infinite

      I come here for all my apple product destruction needs

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      Are you still doing the giveaway

    7. Slurp Slurps

      This Gives Me so Much anxiety just from Watching.

    8. sabrina harun

      Hey guys can I get a iPhone 12 plz

    9. One Quarter

      He says "I’ve got a few here.” when he has 9 iPhones.

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      PLZZ 😭😭 send me 😭😭

    11. gaetano di mauro

      ma unu picchi no mu runi a mia

    12. Jaymark Corambao


      1. Jaymark Corambao

        The small one is strongest and toughest 😻🎉

    13. CRASS2047

      Once the back glass is broken, seems like the structural integrity is weakened and therefore any front facing drops aren’t accurate. I get you are spending a fortune, but I’d like to see a set of phones for rear, and a different set for rear.

    14. EXPendABLE OnHunt

      I want that 12 pro 😭

    15. Melissa Deruytter

      Joer de beste joetioeber

    16. 300yungin

      I just got the 12 Pro Max watchin this gives me chills bra

      1. Fuegxoz

        You should’ve waited, iPhone 13 comes out next month

    17. Graha Mega B

      Saya mau satu

    18. Jyothi Jeyakumar

      Hey man that is his wish

    19. 曦 张

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    20. Icon XF

      Imagine if he forgot to record

    21. Noah Hogue

      You coulda gave me the phone instead of breaking it

    22. Queen Lyba

      I m watching this from 12 pro max😂

    23. 008 Ajay Marlin

      Please don't do this 😭

    24. Hamdan Ali

      realistically.. people aren’t gonna be dropping their phones on perfectly flat concrete… you should do these tests out on sidewalks or tarmac

    25. Handsum Safemoon

      These videos would be half the length if you cut the 3-2-1-serious

    26. Iderator_

      Who is watching this on the 12 pro max

    27. Mooz Game

      my heart broke......dud give me one lol

    28. Mooz Game


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    30. Ahmad /Abdul rahman Atif

      I'm your fan

    31. Ahmad /Abdul rahman Atif

      Please give me I phone 12 pro max

    32. Oldmansland1

      If apple can just make that back glass as strong as the front, I’d say there is practically no need for a case.

    33. logan Wease

      Can I git one of them 12 pro mini

    34. ahmad qashmar

      Mom:what are u watching Me:breaking some expensive phones

    35. Mr. Stark

      I never knew the 12 Pro Max was that durable lol that’s why mine didn’t break after it fell off my pocket when I was riding my bike

    36. Fazil Techy

      enikku thanude

    37. can* ceran

      Please iphone 12

    38. Sunshine Gabbi

      I love your videos I

    39. Nokia 3

      Me subscribe and like and bell to you but I have nokia 3

    40. Rochi Aswani

      How doesn’t he hesitate when he drops the phone! 🥺

    41. Rochi Aswani

      I hope my sister and I get one and my dad.

    42. Abderazak Jafaari

      Please I want an iPhone 12 pro max because I suffer from this iPhone 5

    43. BigL

      Fun fact: he helps apple make there phones better

    44. ~ Minty and Maple ~

      When you have an iPhone in both your hands, one filming, over 10 on your wall and probably 10 more you've used preivously...

    45. Roque Sosa

      Me watching this on my gold 12 pro max… holding her so tightly and reassuring Lucy she won’t have the same faith as her cousin shown here 🤪

      1. YOᑎᗩ


    46. eboymario

      As many of these drop test I’ve seen and the phones don’t break. But watch my ass drop my phone on carpet and the mf will shatter.

    47. Cesar Ortiz

      Thank God no more broken iphone screens

    48. iwantallthesmoke

      Лучше бы мне отдал

    49. Dwane Maverick Balaoro

      And this will convince me to buy the mini lol🤣

    50. Omar Abujahal

      My iPhone 12 Pro Max , screen crash, when it’s fall from my pocket . Distance less than 1 meter , very disappointed

    51. Omar Abujahal

      My iPhone 12 Pro Max , screen crash, when it’s fall from my pocket . Distance less than 1 meter , very disappointed

    52. McJuggetNugget

      alternate title: broke up with my girlfriend. size matters!

    53. darshan baskar

      bro send me one i phone please😁😁

    54. Kiryu Kazuma

      Being a middle class guy, it hurts physically to see this.

    55. smarty

      Can you give me one

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      My guy has so many iPhones

    57. Mom's Restaurant

      My love - iphone 12 mini 🌹😍

    58. Javed Ali

      Bahut paise a rahe tumhare paas ek hamen bhi de do iPhone 12 tarikh iPhone 11

    59. Aruna Debbarma

      Next time buy for me one!😅

    60. Phuong Le Duy

      It’s dropped from my pant pocket and the back was totally broken. It’s a myth.

    61. Ronit Mukherjee

      Who’s watching from the iPhone 12 mini? 😂

    62. Aj G


    63. Dipto Day

      I feel very sad when you broke apple phone..please don't broke phone..give me one of this phone I will very happy

    64. Mikeyyyyyy

      When using the mini it really doesn’t feel small and I had the max for 3 years

    65. Eli Hector

      I love my 12

    66. Wassim KILANI

      Can i ave 1 iphone 12 pro maxplease

    67. Saraswathi Perumal

      Can you give me a iphone

    68. Saraswathi Perumal

      Can you give me a iphone

    69. Rayhan Miah

      This literally triggers my fright, flight or freeze.

    70. Tricia Pettus

      Just got my iPhone 12 Pro Max and I’m loving it!! Waiting for my case, screen protector, and lens protector to come in.

    71. 8DMusic 603

      Now we just need a drop test while going 70 on the interstate! Tbh what would it be like getting hit with one of those from a building 😂

    72. Moss

      Dang I'm kinda figuring out why my grandparents decided on a max for me lmao 😅 lets just say I've gone through too many screen protectors for my current iPhone 🙃

    73. John Surafel

      Send me the one bro please my phone is broken

    74. gwyneth chloe gilana

      plsss i’m on my 12 pro max rn and i’ve been paranoid of dropping since i got it 🥲🥲

    75. Lalit Salunkhe

      What a detailed coverage man. 3 cheers from India ❤️

    76. Jacob .C 2003


    77. Alina Ehtesham

      just watching this gives me mad anxiety. had a hand over my phone throughout JUST IN CASE

    78. HəXa MANIAC

      🙂Bro it costs 1.769 dollars in India... I am saving up for so long..... Send one to me... I'll fix it.. 🙂🙂It will still cost less than to buy a brand new one

    79. anonymus unknown

      Its not the smartest thing to try bending the phone's back bare hand with all those shattered glass pieces on it. Next time you should put on gloves or something. I already saw a tape on your finger. Be careful mate.

    80. ThisLife Media

      I like how I got my 12 pro and 3 days later I dropped it and broke the screen first drop

    81. Jesse Hernandez

      You need to learn when to release when you count down from 3-2-1 cause you’re already at 1 after you drop the phones 🤣

    82. Apple Rulida

      I hope can buy this someday

    83. Krista Starr

      I’ve never broken a iPhone screen or my phone in the history having phones that’s my biggest flex right now. But I also buy good drop cases for them.

    84. Shadow

      And I dropped my pro max from below waist height and cracked the back glass…

    85. tahmina miah

      Can you do this with a standard clear case on

      1. Raj Sharma


    86. Gv

      How much do all of those phones cost?

      1. Raj Sharma


    87. laurentian  mapper

      he Says I'm also going to do a bend test at the end iPhone 6 good thing its not with me

    88. AQM Killox😮‍💨


      1. Raj Sharma


    89. Lxv Rose

      I hate that people do this because I have had the same phone for over 4 years (iPhone 8)

    90. Charlotte Rampling

      Can I get one sir? My phone is 6s...

    91. Lol Personal

      Ipjone mini better than pto max

    92. Lol Personal

      I have a 12 Pro not max but when he drops a iPhone my heart beats 5000 times per second

    93. jagpreet garcha

      Man who will drop their phones from 10 feet man 😅


      Why you breaking iPhone bro

    95. Hoang Os

      my iphone 12 promax flew out of my motorbike at 140km/h, and it still didn't break, luckily

    96. Lenka

      Where did you get your sneakers? I want them so bad! Btw, wanted to cry each time you dropped those gorgeous phones... I'm glad you're not doing the "microwave test" the whole world would cry

    97. Sabinah Mwewa

      How I would love to own any of those iPhones,my iPhone 7 plus was stolen,at midnight by robbers who broken in to my apartment.

    98. John franz Cero

      Hope you will do giveaway again because my phone is heating up and i want to work to help my parent hope u can help my phone is samsung ao1 core only so i need new one thats all god bless♡


      Whats wrong with hand that bandage is in every video i watch

    100. Johnny D

      ok does he just walk into the apple store and say can i have 6 of thoseand 5 of those