Top 12 iPhone 12/12 Pro Cases Drop Test! Most Durable Case?

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    Which iPhone 12, 12 Pro & 12 Pro Max case is the most durable? Top 12 best iPhone 12 cases drop test from 50 feet! Phone Rebel, Mous, Pitaka, Apple, UAG, OtterBox, Dbrand, Spigen, Rhinoshield & more!

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    1. EverythingApplePro E A P

      Starting this company was a long time dream for me. Thank you for everyone supporting this channel from the early days, I plan to design better & better products with time and never price gouge like the others. Get our latest rebel here:

      1. youngdip

        Bought an iPhone X case but got an iPhone X Max case a few months ago. Never again ty. I tried to reach out no answer, no refund. Do yourself a favour and buy a case from an actual company!

      2. Adarsh S V

        How to get from india?

      3. Aa3Dr Gam3r

        Hi iam from india.. i just ordered your rebel gen 2 iphone 12 case but it got cancelled but also i idint yet received my payment..kindly help..!!! please

      4. Dang Chan

        Best cases ever. Really waiting for version 3 to spend my money on my new IPhone 12

      5. Zunnurapple

        can u drop 11 pro max vs 12 pro max?

    2. Malaaya Jackmon

      I can’t even afford one of those iPhones but yet he has like 12 😑

    3. Jack Della Ratta

      I just got my crystal series case today. My iphone 12 comes tomorrow so I can put it to use 😁

    4. Бекзод Абдужалилов


    5. Dee2cheesy

      If I buy the case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max will it work on the iPhone 13 pro max

    6. Diced Teaa! YT

      I didn’t know apple sold iphone cases

    7. kindson KM

      Dude seriously are you earning money or wasting money lol😁


      I'm surprised how bad mous really is

    9. Dino123

      Not tryna be mean but,who drops there phone from 50 feet?

    10. りょ

      1:01 Phone Rebel gen-2 →⭕ 2:56 Mous →❌ 4:15 Rhino Shield →❌ 5:30 UAG →⭕

    11. I HutchyGas

      Stopuid I have that’s mous case

    12. Norhisyam Muhamad Nor

      Why no Otterbox Defender?..

    13. Rucel Leandro Torres

      Great Video :D The only problem I see is you dropping a pro model when using one of your cases. Since stainless steel is more resistant than aluminum, it might come out as misleading. Keep up the good content 😁

      1. Benjamin

        There’s no consistency with any of these drops anyway, so the “tests” are hardly valid. Add that to the fact that almost no one drops their phone from 50 feet ever so it’s moot anyway. They’re extreme “tests” that don’t reflect the average drop a phone will experience.

    14. AD vlogs Channel

      How about giving the surviving iphone to me heheheh I really love the purple one !

    15. YEET

      I've probably watched this video about 5 times... Edit: I've probably watched this video about 5 times... completely...

    16. Gerd

      Credibility has left the chat ...

    17. Alex

      He doesn't seem like the guy to drive an f250/350 or something.. Lmao more like a miata or civic

    18. Mr Higgins

      I am very impressed that they are including flolab screen protectors now. They are the best. Still rocking my rebel phone case for the 11 Pro

    19. Adarsh S V

      Hi iam from india.. i just ordered your rebel gen 2 iphone 12 case but it got cancelled but also i idint yet received my payment..kindly help..!!! please

    20. InfamousDx

      All this just for me to break it with a punch

    21. Coin Collecting Time

      10:03 did you notice the spider

    22. Mohammed Ibrahim

      Why , why bro . Give me instead 🤦🏽‍♂️

    23. Cameron Riley

      Why does this hurt 🥲

    24. Ernest Jay

      I was a huge Spigen fans especially Tough Armor, but now i need to buy Phone Rebel Gen 2 to replace my Spigen case.

    25. martin soto

      3:54.. Well I mean yea if you drop it for 50 feet😂

    26. yip siew kit

      Every drop lands differently , hard to come to a conclusion of which is good which isn’t .

    27. niklas johansson

      Dude doesnt have to be 50 feet wtf is this

    28. AQUA GAMES

      2 cases I’m curious if they would survive the 50 ft drop is the Raptic Shield case which I’ve had on my old 7 and was a very good case. Another one is called Impact Strong which is what’s currently on my phone. Probably the best case I’ve ever had and it look nice. Would love to see these tested on your channel.

    29. ༆ ᴀ ɴ i k ᴇ ᴛ ༆

      You are so rich 🤑 Very rich 🤑 people But 🙄🥺😔😭😭😭

    30. jose miranda

      Deso un phone, no importa que esté dañado 🥺

    31. Zner

      Spigen did cost here in Philippines about 1400php i guess that case is rather not good

    32. Jaymark Corambao

      The 5th casing is so fancy😻

    33. Abdul Aziz

      How can order for back cover

    34. Jonerry Grande

      at the start of the video I thought mous will survive because it has a lot of advertisement in which they drop test their cases using a helicopter. this video really helps on which brand I will buy for my next phone..

    35. ZNH pup

      are you kidding me I have an apple branded case and it got beaten up more and I dropped it at 4 ft

    36. iTrash

      Damn and I just ordered a rhino shield case...:(

    37. lil Brucey

      Hope he try's the lifeproof case on the new iPhone 13

    38. lil Brucey

      Just now thinking why doesn't he try out the lifeproof case

    39. Nykia Smith

      That bug was assessing the damages lol

    40. c Steve

      7:37 otterbox 8:19 spec candy shield

    41. Condog Taylor

      When the apple silicon case offers better drop protection than the mous case

    42. BigSur11

      phone rebel's cases are the ulgliest cases i've ever seen

    43. Crescent Zelda

      Make your Gen 2 Rebel cases for Google Pixel Series and I'll buy them

    44. Timothy Doty

      Kinda disappointed. I used this case and the back of my 12 Pro Max got completely shattered from a 3-4 foot drop to the floor

    45. Peizxcv

      Mous is always overpriced crap. “German engineering” but same design year after year

    46. Lieutenant


    47. gabriel goodman

      I have a legit question bc im not smart Ik you have a limited phone supply but every time the phone hits the ground doesn’t that weaken the phone? Also doesn’t the strength differ from pro and regular phones

    48. Amandeep Singh

      Manu phone pajde

    49. Amandeep Singh


    50. Jacob Shearer

      Not all the phones were the same

    51. Logan Werner

      I was going to go with uag again for my blue IPhone 12 when I get it ( still rocking an iPhone X ) but after watching this video and seeing how well your brand phone rebel did I decided to go with that and especially since it comes with a FREE screen protector that is clearly no slouch either

      1. Logan Werner

        And I can tell just by holding the case in my hand that it wasn’t cheaply made which is another plus

    52. Felixo Mania

      UAG = U Are Good!

    53. emmanuel adefisayo

      Someone should please give me an iPhone.... I don't mind even if it's an IPhone 6s, I'll gladly and lovingly take it and pray for you.

    54. Wza360 Video & Tech

      Oh one thing. Most of us companies take care of custom taxes - tax is calculated and included into the price on checkout. Have a look how Moment is operating. If you could copy their process of shipping aboard, you might get more clients. I.e. in case customs are not taken care off by sender, we usually pay 20€ just for help with customs + customs tax itself. So almost unreasonable for something like a case.

    55. Wza360 Video & Tech

      Wow dude. Well done!

    56. Doc Bella yt

      Pls give me a iphone 11 pro please :(

    57. ?Abigail?

      Haha dont be shy gimme a teal green iphone 12 lol!!! Jk jk thats rude to ask

    58. Peter Russo

      11:15 weird ass noise like some static???

    59. A Araujo

      Do you have the crystal for 12 pro max?

    60. TN Tanto

      Watched this twice now, cringing each time I saw some of the impacts. Incredible any survived the drop. I’m convinced, getting a Phone Rebel, just not sure which one. When is the Gen 3 coming out?

    61. Lane Blount

      I’m definitely ordering one of your rebel cases for my 12 pro max

    62. Flavius 2705

      3:23 Salut

    63. Jhuvil Adobas

      Give me one iPhone even it's broken at the back plss hehhe

    64. LL Kelley

      Can boys get the new purple iPhone 12


      Please give me 1 mobile

    66. promo130

      can you use a seperate screen protector first and then put the phone in the unicorn beetle pro case will that fitt and work fine? thanks

    67. AwesomeOpossum

      hey if you just make the corners bigger/wider than the sides would it just hit the corners not the case, and when the corners where out the actual case will be used finally to have protection, would it work???

    68. Hondaboats 1

      Me waiting for the otter box defender series like damn

    69. muhammed Rihan

      Bro just give me one of that iPhone 12, it’s so hard to see breaking those all new iphones😁

    70. Tomasz S

      Can you by Phone Rebel cases in the UK ?

    71. Jimin's Jams stolen by jackson

      the amount of hard work this man had to do for this video is immense. thank you so much man! have a nice day!

    72. Amanda

      Could you drop test Velvet Caviar and Wildflower cases please?

    73. rafikz77

      Pitaka being overpriced and overhyped shit, no surprise

    74. Husain Irhem

      Looks like the mous 3:00 didn't hold up like Thier adds

    75. Husain Irhem

      I had a UAG 5:30 case on my HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro and it was a good case

    76. Hello There!

      7:10 Just broke my S21U in the same case the other day, yeaaaahhh, I like Spigen but tough luck.

    77. Janis Kalnins

      Bro can u please give me one off thoes iphone!? I'll be so fuking greatfull

    78. Anthony

      yall dont make gen 2 rebel cases for 11 pro max?

    79. Blayk Wilson

      How did he not see that bug 🐛

    80. Abbi

      Mouse rlly thought they was worth something

    81. Bruno

      can anyone recommend any type of film material or brand that resists falling onto sharper surfaces such as spare rocks, bed corners etc?


      Bro can you give me one ?

    83. Thalysson & Andriele

      Num faz isso não, me da um😫😫

    84. Zhara Ireland

      Massive ad for their own brand, but thanks for the comparison. Personally, i would never spend more than 20 dollars on a case.

    85. Zhara Ireland

      it would be better if you did drop tests from a more reasonable height, but still extreme - maybe 10 - 20 feet, then increase if the phone survives. By dropping it from soo high, you are discrediting the cases from what they can do, and just showing them fail

    86. Seaweedme

      Whats the model name of screen protector used here?

    87. Owen Racker

      There goes his $10k

    88. KX1287


    89. Lilchunkyzoomer

      After this video it makes me wanna get a rebel case

    90. Hamdan Ali

      you need to spin the phones so they don’t flip and so they land in their backs

    91. Best Cloud

      Just got the crystal rebel case and I’m liking it so far,feels sturdy.Great job! :)

    92. Chris

      Just sold me on a rebel gen 2

      1. ClutchKiller3


    93. kingsley osei

      I can make use of the red one if u toss it to me

    94. BABUU

      It will be amazing if he accidently drops the phone he was filming

    95. Newah Shanay

      Give just one of the iPhone:( plzz mannn I really need a phone

      1. Billione

        save up for one

      2. Billione


    96. Imran Chaudhry

      For the first one I think it’s fake. On the slomo there looks like the glass broke but not sure maybe the ground. When the camera man moves forward there is a cut just before he says straight on its face. I think he changed the phone. But all the other ones were fine. No hate just saying

    97. Fabian Castillo

      Me knowing nothing about designing cases:HOW DID THEY MISS THAT!?!

    98. Forge Wire

      Mouse has cases and comercials from dropping it from hundreds of feet high and this guy drops it 50 ft and it gets absolutely bodied

    99. Stef Metselaar

      Uag monarc all day!

    100. basilis giouva

      Mobilefox only for save iphones