Top 12 iPhone 12/12 Pro Cases Drop Test! Most Durable Case?

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    Which iPhone 12, 12 Pro \u0026 12 Pro Max case is the most durable? Top 12 best iPhone 12 cases drop test from 50 feet! Phone Rebel, Mous, Pitaka, Apple, UAG, OtterBox, Dbrand, Spigen, Rhinoshield \u0026 more!

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      Starting this company was a long time dream for me. Thank you for everyone supporting this channel from the early days, I plan to design better & better products with time and never price gouge like the others. Get our latest rebel here:

      1. Michael Connolly

        @Bart no, i think EAP would never do such a thing considering his own case was in there, why would he want a case to survive when his did?

      2. Bart

        *Dbrad and others paid triple so their case survive - the magic of cut scenes and video editing and few drop attempts*

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      Where we can buy Rebel cases in Europe? Taxes from amazon its insane... almost price of case...

    5. nonnus

      So what is the best affordable protective iphone 12 cases for you guys?

    6. Michaels823

      It's super disappointing that everytime you see otter box in these it's always the symmetry or the other smaller ones never the defender case. Its as if they use cases made like theres to make there case look better just like bragging about the screen protector when it didn't even get the impact of the drop

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    23. OMG it's PAULY D

      My dude.... I understand that you’re showing us a test... but dammit man 🥲 the pain of seeing it fall 😭

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      Good to know my symmetric whatever otterbox won’t survive that fall 😅

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      Do u sell Bk the phones that test

    40. Easrib Albin

      We don't have as much money as you are vandalizing the phone😐

    41. Danilo Dias

      This is an insane expensive experiment. Having said that, it seems like the way the phone landed (vertical and bounce back up vs. flap around on impact) made a huge difference in the results. I’d like to see the same case dropped more than once to see if they flap around by design or if they got lucky/unlucky and that’s what caused them to survive/die. Of course, the experiment is already crazy expensive. So that’s probably too big of an ask.

      1. Danilo Dias

        One more thing: who will drop a phone from 50 feet up and expect it to survive? That’s crazy! 🤪

    42. Rens

      Wait, how. I dropped my iphone 12 while i was sitting on a normal chair. Back completely broken? Does this have to deal with some manufacture fail of my phone or just his luck?

    43. Eddie Rodriguez

      I wish you made the Rebel Gen 2 for iPhone Xr

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      I have my dads old iPhone XR and he had a speck case dropped it off a a huge cliff and it was fine then I drop it with an otter box it shatters

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    56. DuckaSocks

      Anyone else notice that the first drops of EAP cases were with a 12 pro? He then drops them again, the gen2 with a pro, but drops the clear with a 12. The clear case didn’t help but my my the gen2 works? I get that other cases were successful, but maybe slight of hand?

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      The pop-up in the corner said your case is MagSafe usable, but you yourself never say it nor does it say it on your website. So what’s the truth can you use MagSafe chargers with your cases?

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