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    EVERYTHING New in iOS 15 Beta 1! Top 500 iOS 15 features \u0026 changes for all iPhones.

    Latest iPhone 13 \u0026 Apple Watch 7 Leaks!

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    iOS 15 features limited by hardware article:

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    1. EverythingApplePro E A P

      This one was a nightmarish amount of work to put together, appreciate a thumbs up 👍 Enjoy 😘

      1. Maryland Crespo

        @Apple hey apple I have the iPhone 11 but my touch screen is not working

      2. Mier Aeman Maravilla

        Hey Mr EverythingApplePro E A P can I have your broken iphone 12 pro?

      3. riley busse

        By the way it's going to be called the iPhone 12S this year and not 13 The iPhone 13 is coming out in 22 and then there's not gonna be a iPhone 13S it's going straight from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 next year to 2023 for iPhone 14 if you don't believe me ask Tim Cook I told them I have autism and I asked them straight up what the devices were going to be called just out of curiosity and he told me that the iPhone 12S is coming out this year the iPhone 13 is coming out next year and 2023 the iPhone 14 coming out And the iPhone 13 Is with a punch hole camera display is set for a 2022 release and the foldable iPhone will have a punch hole camera on it the same one that will be on the iPhone 13 in 2022 It and he said that the foldable iPhone would be out in 2022 which makes sense Because that's when the punch hole camera is going to be on the iPhone 13 that's just what he told me you guys can take it with a grain of salt but I actually believe him because it's coming from the man himself

      4. iOSAndroidRebel

        How long did it take you to compile this video? I bet it took a long time. Anyways, congratulations for revealing every tiny change in iOS 15. For me, I took 3-4 days to create each of a series of mobile apps. I hope your coffee shop, museum, and Rebel cases store is doing well and giving you a lot of profit.

      5. My Bro

        coulda use chapter function on this video

    2. Icecube 54

      I’m still waiting to delete contacts much more easily. Right now we have to go into edit mode. Why cant we simply swipe left and delete?

    3. C a l v I n

      Huge Legendary Update On IOS 👍

    4. Sinh Nguyen

      Thanks bro. Good focus for me.

    5. Brandon Naidoo

      Lets be honest 99% of these changes aren't even worth mentioning.

    6. Matthew :D

      All this but they still destroying my battery

    7. PlayStationRIHSKY

      so much details , thank you

    8. The Amazing Aidan

      Is there any reason why I can use Private Relay but not Hide My Email? My family had the regular iCloud subscription before I updated to iOS 15 beta.

    9. Lim Meng Kiat

      Is there a reason why EAP’s right hand is always with a plaster?

    10. Bill Mike Productions

      Need new Lock Screen this ones old now

    11. Preston Cheap BT headphones test guy

      It’s pretty cool actually! 👍🏾 hoping for more features and different looks. The brows is cool.

    12. Derek Jones

      Good job with this video

    13. Derek Jones

      A lot of stuff

    14. Derek Jones

      Holy Toledo! Can’t wait

    15. Oscar Acosta

      So is there anyway we can suggest recommendations hopefully that they will add in ios 15?

    16. vcarter0723

      38:16 yeah, I don’t see the point of squeezing it together and having empty space on the left/right, bad change I still have glitch on iPad in files when annotating the pen icon just disappears and I can’t change color or pen/highlighter without going out of annotate mode and back in…happens frequently, been waiting for any iOS 14 patch to fix, but 14.3, .4, .5, .6 and none addressed it. Hopefully ios 15. You are a legend for finding and explaining all the changes, mad props to you 🙌🏻

    17. Shahar Rozenbloom

      You Could Send a Info From Health to close Friend in Massages in killer idea. With Great Graphic like info from pregnet or Heart Attack even from Apple Watch 7. Work.

    18. Shahar Rozenbloom

      In iOS 15 there will bd White Tigris, and a Ant animji onlt That in killer idea Tim. White Animoji Stickers

    19. Shahar Rozenbloom

      Apple will Dign dagerous Roas in Dark Orange in iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and CarPlay and Tesla to Save like even for becycle and Walkers even in Mode. Also in Android. Work.

    20. Shahar Rozenbloom

      In iOS 15 you Could Print News from safari or news Apps. Work and Choose which printer like the Printing App. Even to Friend In Massages in killer Patent.

    21. Shahar Rozenbloom

      In iOS 15 in September there Will be new Memoji Stickers in Killer idea. But Smart and Good not Stupid. Like Reading and Listen to Music with AirPods Max and Detective because and Praying because 13.

    22. Shahar Rozenbloom

      Alon in Tesla you Could Toggle Widget Screen from Right up Corner Swipe to Middle in Killer idea. Work. Name QuickButton.

    23. Shahar Rozenbloom

      In iOS 16 there Will be an HomePod Button like a HomePod Shape in widget Button where Music and FlightMode fir HomePod aldo with Siri for Music and Volume in Killer idea in iPhone. Work. And There Will be Voice Memo with Also Music Memo inside like the Remote.

    24. Shahar Rozenbloom

      In iOS 15 starting iPhone yoy Could Play Last song you Played and Go yo Disk after FaceID or TouchID with Privecy because songs are Private in up From Hour in killer idea to Always smile. Find a Design like Star and Blue like iMovie. Also in Beats1 Buttons in Up with Blue Star with Last 100 Disk and Main song you Played in Every disk in Every disk.

    25. Alex garcia

      How did you mirror on the mac

    26. Love of RONALDO

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    27. Jayden Grinage

      I have 14.6

    28. Steffen R.

      Would not be a new features EAP Video without complaining about removed Wallpapers. 🤣❤️

    29. Azyxerla

      2:21 settings raid

    30. Ryan Christofalo

      The curly attraction maternally shave because process endogenously subtract round a tedious elbow. maddening, sleepy alley

    31. Hayden Longo

      3:25 bruh what’s your iFunny

    32. JeskidoYT

      You work for apple hmmm?

    33. Zidane Zayed

      I’m guessing the AR directions will come to Apple Glass. And I’m super hyped

    34. Roland Edney

      You could zoom on FaceTime if you were in the effects tab

    35. Ritu Sarkar

      Awesome's so beautifully explained..thnx fr the detailing...

    36. Lemon Tea

      dude people pic is rounded on my ios 13 as well, so it's not really a new feature

    37. CC MiniKid

      I find it funny how such a difficult company (Apple) who is known to stop supporting old things ASAP is still supporting the iPhone 6 and up yet EAPs phone case brand discontinued the iPhone 8 cases… they used to have them but discontinued them…

    38. Okyanus Özşahin

      About 500K views (at the time of writing)....

    39. Poudel Ananta

      Person like me is just to dream about those 😢😢😢

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    41. Angry TechAddict

      Trying really hard not to fall asleep and failing. All I would ask for ist a theme store and SwipeSelection (jailbreak tweak that is much better than what is build in to iOS)

    42. Zidane Zayed

      Ok so he has a gf, saw it in his notifications lmao. Name is “Tanika” or sm

    43. RIPSY PUBG

      Don't have an ios device but love it😀❤❤

    44. 61Espo

      It’s going to be interesting to see how many different updates this iOS has… iOS 15.19?

    45. Ss Minty Fresh

      God Bless everyone Jesus is coming back sooner than we think you can turn to God Before it's to late you have free will God sent his only not sinning son to Die on the cross personally for you Jesus died on the cross personally for you And personally every individual John 3:16-17

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      Nobody : EAP : the size of icon is 0.01cm increased

    47. Rin the Alien Space Dragon (and his human)

      500+ changes????? BRUH 🍿

    48. El Chido

      The android movie is over 2 hours, 38 minutes, 😏

    49. Kaion Barnes

      Still no new ui interface design keeping everything flat and boring.

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      You are crazy!

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      "Мама: ну хорошо, рада за тебя". Што? Он русскоязычный чувак?

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      Yes my friend

    53. Jordan Brown

      I’ve noticed the “Location Visible After Power Off” message seems to only appear on devices with the U1 chip.

    54. Vishnu Banna

      500 features…they moved the battery by 1 pixel…..crickets….

    55. VariousVaughn

      EAP is the president of Apple Content 🙏🏽

    56. Pablo Gallardo

      Vibration has become really weird, it sounds like broken, all of this after beta 2 public release. It didn’t happen on beta 2 developer

    57. Mr Beast Lover

      You should become a verified channel!!! You are eligible and you're a great channel!

    58. Julius Kronberg

      The effort you put into that video made me subscribe. So good

    59. Sumeet Sinha

      Brilliant video! thanks a lot!

    60. Irnbruist

      19:47 omg finally you can scroll voice messages like in any other messaging app


      Good work bro, am always supporting you....Bro, phones we can't afford in our country are always used for the comparison, I wish u could could help me out bro.....

    62. Noah Yang

      if you have a X or below, the beta update isn’t really worth it. you don’t get any of the good features, don’t get me wrong the update is good but just not worth it

    63. Amino Gaming

      i feel like im watching wwdc 2021 again but for ios 15!

    64. Benjamin Kim

      I know no one uses Voice Memos but they have a Playback Speed feature. Also the iOS Video Player has it too

    65. Chiedozie Ukegbu

      Can you convert iPads to other iPads like convert an iPad 1 to an iPad 4

    66. Muhammed Ov

      Iam from Kerela 😍

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      Sir please give me 1iphone my phone redmi 9i please. No iphone 12 pro (onely iphone 11 please 😞😞😞

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      Спасибо Филип за твой труд! Красава! Танюша у тебя тоже как с картинки 👍😎

    73. Clizzardbash

      you can zoom in facetime in ios 14 smh 23:38

    74. THEICON2125

      Does the authenticator sync across devices with iCloud?

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      why E A P subscriber freeze...??

    76. Jared Bowen

      The work you put in !!!! Well played !

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        I am a subscriber of his signals, the accuracy that comes in is insane... Ryan knows his market.

      5. Princewill John

        I am a subscriber of his signals, the accuracy that comes in is insane... Ryan knows his market.

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      I'm looking forward to iOS15😍

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      Imagine just now getting all these features 😳 Samsung gang where you at 📱 🤡̵̛͔

    79. Johnny O

      All these tweaks and yet pictures & videos still look like crap when sending to android users.

    80. MattLord 97

      So basically it’s just quality of life improvements rather than big new features

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    82. Jeremy Garcia

      How do you get on the beta program because I tried it on Apple and there still on iOS 14 beta

    83. EGROEG

      Hey any advice I’ve just broke my phone in the weirdest way with iOS 15

      1. EGROEG

        I was sending a photo and the screen froze and when you turn it off it just dims Siri still works and I can listen to stuff but it’s quite weird

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      Eu gosto muito dos Iphones Penas que Eu não tenho nem 1 por causa do Preço muito Aulto no #BRASI

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      we need beta 2 changes comeon 😥

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      EAP: animation of unlocking the phone is faster 0.1 second

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      Plz tell us about Ios 14.6 jailbreak

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    92. Asmar Shah

      Give us a proper update on when the flex series will be out. iPhone 13 will be out in a few months or so. Try to release is ASAP so we can enjoy it. You said early summer and we are going in July.

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    94. Kyle K. Isom

      Where’s the Sequel ? Trilogy ? Saga ?

    95. TWICE

      I can’t wait for the update. 2 more major updates for my iPhone 7 I guess ❤️

    96. Syrian Man

      SOOO IRRITATING! None of these features is really needed by the mass majority of Apple users! At least 50 long awaited major features have been neglected by Apple which must have been included.

    97. King Lexis

      Well done bro, i can't imagine the amount of work that went into this😁👍

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      when does public beta ios15 come out? How do I find it?

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      Excellent Effort Man

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      iOS 15 looks extremely promising in spite of being at Beta. thank you for this video :)