New iPhone 13 Leaks, Apple Watch 7 Design & iOS 15 Features!

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    New \u0026 exclusive iPhone 13 Pro leaks! New Apple Watch Series 7 square body redesign, iOS 15 features (leaked \u0026 rumors), 2021 MacBook Pro 16 \u0026 14-in redesign \u0026 AirPods 3 \u0026 AirPods Pro 2 release date! WWDC next week, too excited!

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    Last iPhone 13 Leaks

    - Special thank you to Concept Creator for modeling the Series 7 \u0026 internals, A15 chip \u0026 MacBook Pro 16/14-in!
    - Exclusive leaks provided by Max Weinbach: MaxWinebach
    - Jon Prossers Apple Watch Series 7 Leak Video:
    - Wallpapers by legendary AR7: AR72014
    - iOS 15 Concept: apple_idesigner
    - iOS 15 Control Center Concept:

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    1. Dakota Freyser

      I’m really looking forward to the “smaller” notch

    2. SneakyTurtle510

      Would like them to fix imessages where you can search messages from over a year ago. And for the app to stop freezing. Iphone xs max 256gb and imessage runs bad.

    3. Princess Yonna ♡

      I love that everything is becoming digital because I loose things a lot

    4. Alex Zhu

      Hey what's up I just wanted to know is fingerprint scan is still real for the new IPhone?

    5. Quade Carter

      5:02. What’s with all the caskets? Lol

    6. I'm Jayson

      I always enjoy watching things I can’t afford. 💕 great vlog btw! A new subscriber here. More power! ❤️

    7. Garret Zenanko

      I hope the lidar comes to the mini! 🤗

    8. geee

      No changes from IPhone 12


      Indisplay fingerprint sensor in inphone 13 pro?.....will they

    10. Mr. Monster

      Something I know apple will never do but it’s something I would love to see is a make your own phone, you can make Your own phone with a selection of features you can add

    11. Hussain Musharaf

      Please Make Video On How To Install IOS 15 on iPhone 12 Pro

    12. Yoona Wong

      Imagine m1 mini for the iphone 13

    13. Tristan de Jonge

      my only question is: Can we get a yellow iphone again?

    14. Freddy C Luffy

      A nice clear case that won’t turn yellow would be nice 👍

    15. Omer Shakeel

      When iOS 15 released?

    16. Allofraipran

      Great things

    17. Zihan Song


    18. Cristian Gomez

      Apple Watch Seven now I barely upgraded to the six two months ago lol

    19. Steezy Ken

      so i currently have an iPhone 8 Plus and i was thinking about upgrading to the 12 Pro Max but the phone company suggested i wait til the 13 lineup launches, comparing the 12 pro max and 13 pro max, would you guys think it's worth waiting the extra 3-3.5 months?

    20. Eksan sahara

      Keren banget...

    21. Adam Paul

      A man of excuses is always full of failure

    22. A J

      I have iPhone 7+ and I’m not gonna upgrade until Apple gonna remove that FRIGGIN NOTCH 🤬 like srsly, Chinese smartphones are already next century! Build in fingerprint, screen from top to bottom, no notches, stunning designs! Cmon Apple, you can do it!

    23. Annette Owusu

      Bruh why did you put the thumbnail saying is iPhone 13 but the phone is the iPhone 12 Pro Max

    24. Kierra Martin

      This seems like an S year

    25. Zoro

      Can we expect iPad 9th gen because If it releases I will wait or I will buy 8th gen thank you.

    26. Benjamin Lehman

      I want a new iPhone but at this point I think it’s worth it to wait.

    27. DC LOFT TV

      Give me iPhone 12 plsssss

    28. Nick Barnett

      Don’t hear much off you these days???

    29. emmaunel hope

      Well all thanks to vilian_tech on iG he's the best I can talk about here

    30. Jasim Ahmed

      This is not the original iPhone 13 mobile

    31. Vardhan Batavia

      Why do you promote your cases dude. Its boring

    32. Andrew Casanova

      I would like iPhone have more than 12 mega picksel

    33. bill

      Why do you allow ads? Interruption - makes your vlog irritating need to either watch the Ad; or play a game to see who can erase the the fastest

    34. bill

      Hello Filip, nice to see you, you are my #1 go-to for EverythingApplePro. Will you have a new case then for the 13?

    35. Aro Vazquez

      👏🏻 On your AFA 🇦🇷 tshirt!!

    36. Two Legend

      Apple isn’t safe anymore, don’t buy... all your privacy is out

    37. Ninja ni Habibee Channel

      outdated mobile fone have a huge notch wasting of money be practical save your money cause one day we will die all with nothing

    38. Rusydi Didi Vlog and gaming

      If iphone 13 did have hole punch display i am move from my samsung s20 plus

    39. Anthony Gaupo

      Hello, will they launch iphone13 this year?

    40. Abhishek Verma

      SE 3 which month release...

    41. Jason Walsh

      iPhone 13 looks really Nice 👍 Some Great features too 📱Not long Now.

    42. Alex Butsenko

      Men the series 7 looks a lot better

    43. Mohamed Ismail Asmi

      Hai fker... people make iPhone n u money from 2009 u r note super star but u r pisofshi

    44. Habib Rahman

      Apple watch looks so ugly in square design. 👎

    45. Brandon Love

      Fix your echo voice bro please

    46. MostlyCraft

      How about m1 on iphone 13?

    47. Lachlan Tate

      When do apple usually reveal the products coming soon? (When will the Apple Watch 7 be revealed?)

    48. D R

      I want iPhone mini with lidar and lazer measurements and all other capabilities .

    49. Inderpreet Singh


    50. Riyad Hossain

      give me one iphone please

      1. Thor_Lock_habibi

        😂😂😂 Your a clown bro

    51. Andrey Zastavskiy

      Honestly just came here for the phone rebel case update 😂. Awesome work @everythingapplepro #phonerebel

    52. DSN 1

      My god, Apple are so far behind

    53. Alex garcia

      Just going to wait till next year for the new Apple Watch

    54. The Other Guy

      You also preparing for 2022 world cup i see...

    55. Sutton Griffin

      I’m going to miss the AirPods Pro stem. I far prefer it to any other method of controlling it.

    56. Dickens CIDAR

      Why don't h make case out of carbon steel

    57. Xandritta

      Me only watching for the color pink products 👁 👄 👁 I was disappointed 🥱

    58. Taha Shahsanam

      the new design kinda looks like a just bc a design works for iphones or ipads doesn't mean it works for apple definitely makes the watch less slick and more bulky

    59. Luciano Delmonte


    60. shafiq

      can you please provide the software name used for exploded views and renders

    61. Evette Arroyo

      You don’t think there will be white bezels?

    62. komfortliinumb

      Everything apple is garbage.

    63. Mueez Ahmad

      Hy bro give me i phone 12 pro max that's my Dream plz give me

    64. Damien Hartley

      Wow apple sure is garbage 😆 wigets were a basic feature of Android 4!

    65. Fynn Djabaah

      What I will buy personally will the iPod that’s it

    66. Mark S

      the iPhone 13 will likely be my first iPhone, been using Android since 2009

    67. Anand Shaw

      is iPhone XR worth buying now? guys plz help me out.

      1. Thor_Lock_habibi

        No, I was thinking of getting it, but it’s really outdated, I’m going to get a poco x3 pro, it’s less money than XR but so much better (if your willing to switch to android)

    68. 3L3MENT

      Im sorry but the square watch is the one you can get from wish lol

    69. Vedant Yadav

      @sanatani_satya twitter account

    70. Shanel Rome

      Im good with my iphone 11 ima wait till iphone 15 comes out

    71. Carlos Penna

      Apple Watch should add a temperature sensor

    72. Zellyn*

      Give away Iphone 12 mini please🥺

      1. Thor_Lock_habibi


    73. Selin İman

      What about touch id???

    74. Super Saiyan 3

      all this information is false speculation and your renders are fake and made up.

    75. ramana rao a

      hi, it will be difficult to sell IPHONE 13 in India. Many of the Indians do not like / averse with 13 number 😄

    76. It’s me Mundre

      When will iPhone 13 is lunch 🤔

    77. dzhnadm

      Iphone 14 leak gang where you at

    78. Suresh B Gadde

      Planning to buy iphone 12 in July is it right choice??

      1. isabella Edwards


    79. justin goldsmith

      *sighs* and another iPhone that’s looks just like the old one just small tweaks to something internal 🙄

    80. Kayla Earl

      Sweet-tart watches, I’m here for it.

    81. charmane zamora

      Most kinda await for this iphone 13 iwant to have one 😛🥰

    82. Leland Eastin

      *I’m so impressed with the service rendered by 2qtech* ôn iG he’s the best and he’s legit


      Apple needs to make a crypto wallet

    84. Syed Wasif Ahmed

      No touch id😥

      1. isabella Edwards

        Contact kriphack on Instagram for any difficulty in unlocking your device

    85. Jason Jay

      Rip Macbook prediction.

    86. Leland Eastin

      *I’m so impressed with the service rendered by 2qtech* ôn iG he’s the best and he’s legit

    87. Leland Eastin

      *I’m so impressed with the service rendered by 2qtech* ôn iG he’s the best and he’s legit

    88. Marcel Jones

      Anyone watching on the new iphone 13? Nah jp

    89. Granny 3

      I’m so excited for iPhone 13 to come out

    90. Bar barakat

      What about zoom 100x

    91. Bar barakat

      Can’t wait for 13 ⏳⌛️..

    92. Jimmy Brooks

      And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30) The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9) And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews 9:27)

    93. AberrS

      Series 7 apple watch is a must.

    94. Prince Duties

      Ill stick with my iphone 11 pro

    95. Felix Correa

      when will you release a AirPods max video?

    96. jocelyn

      he soo fine lmaoo

    97. Roni Javmndouza

      China is already making mass production of fake ones that can be sold around the world as we watch this review.

    98. Xx GLxBal

      yeah i need them new airpods

    99. Josh S


    100. Sigal Rossi

      I just want a sky blue iphone, if not, I’d buy the blue iphone 12