New iPhone 13 Leaks, Apple Watch 7 Design & iOS 15 Features!

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    New & exclusive iPhone 13 Pro leaks! New Apple Watch Series 7 square body redesign, iOS 15 features (leaked & rumors), 2021 MacBook Pro 16 & 14-in redesign & AirPods 3 & AirPods Pro 2 release date! WWDC next week, too excited!

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    Last iPhone 13 Leaks

    - Special thank you to Concept Creator for modeling the Series 7 & internals, A15 chip & MacBook Pro 16/14-in!
    - Exclusive leaks provided by Max Weinbach: MaxWinebach
    - Jon Prossers Apple Watch Series 7 Leak Video:
    - Wallpapers by legendary AR7: AR72014
    - iOS 15 Concept: apple_idesigner
    - iOS 15 Control Center Concept:

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    1. literally nobody

      so much for that watch

    2. Mr.E

      Must suck to have 90% of your stuff be fake. Good job! Keep it up

    3. mohd sarfaraz

      Fake news

    4. mohd sarfaraz


    5. sahil sojitra


    6. Cristi Antonio

      Please gift my iphone 12 pro max

      1. D4rkRises

        Give me your credit card information just for shipping fees

    7. Carlo Navarro

      Hi EverythingApplePro! May I know the name of your chair? That looks comfy 🥺

    8. Bennedict Louie Cortez

      Not sure anymore if I'm watching for the leaks or I'm tuning in because of you? Haha haha kidding as always nice renders

    9. Frank Jemima

      Thanks tech oliva

    10. Ayden Marietta

      I hope I’m not the only person who wants to see a redesigned iPod touch. I still love the iPod brand. I grew up during the time it was popular and the last time I ever owned one was with a fourth generation touch. I honestly prefer having a secondary device for music rather than my iPhone. Not to mention it would be convenient if I were going to be doing foreign travels and I don’t wanna pay for foreign data and just wanna use whatever Wi-Fi is available. Again maybe I’m the only one who wants this but this is just my opinion. If it does come out and that’s the new redesign, I will buy it.

    11. Jareli Brands

      the fluorescent cracked wallpaper on the ipod touch rendering! I NEED THAT ONE! 🙏🏼

    12. Jordan Sklar

      ill get a ipod touch 8 if they change the design of it lol the 7 6 and 5 design is getting old

    13. $GOLU$

      One Question: Are they giving Charger with the next iPhone or not

    14. Nadia April

      iPhone is releasing new models yet am still on my iPhone 6 😤 But nice job man thanks for the info 👍

    15. Nelson Morales

      ok so if this is it. disappointing. not worth upgrading from 12 or apple watch either. the revolutionary thing would have been blood glucose monitoring. I told everyone that's not happening. wont be happening for a LEAST 5 years. trust me on that one. that's YEARS away. you have to access blood . PERIOD. if they had done this, it would have been worth a nobel prize. but no dice. looks like the better things are coming in 2022. and because of the new covid strain. 2023 MAY be the actual release. be prepared for more factory shutdowns and minimum upgrades and disappointments.. for now i'm keeping my watch series 5 and iphone 12. 13?. thank you. for now I'll stop wishing . will not be getting excited and wait for the next Iphone flop releases. Just watch.(no pun intended)... next apple event presentation is going to leave people saying "WTF!!?? is this what we were waiting so long for?".

    16. Pigmen 11

      Hey if anyone could get me in touch with filip I’d appreciate it a lot!! Filip if your reading this please message me!!!

    17. Edward SB

      Beautiful gorgeous renders

    18. Reshiram Pokemon

      I would like to buy one! Thanks EverythingApplePro, I love your videos. Thanks for telling us about the new stuff of Apple. Keep up with your good work!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻😉

    19. Mario Garcia

      That’s too bad. I guess ima wait till 2022

    20. Preston

      Should I buy a iPhone XR or 11 or 11 pro or 12 for apple if I get one next year since I’m upgrading from my iPhone se 2020 next year. Or should I buy a S10 or S10+ or S20 or S21 any suggestions guys

    21. Afsana Mim

      I am an apple user. Now I feel like apple is not offering much to upgrade. It feels like they are giving the same thing with tiny tiny tweaks.

    22. Jake

      I’m waiting for the open case lol

    23. VIET USA


    24. Rashedul Islam Rashel

      Argentina supporter😍

    25. Shiftqr

      I'm getting the series 7 bc of the look even tho the SE is what I need

    26. Mohammad Sami Zarifi

      It's 99% the same like before

    27. Tony Totorino

      😂😂👎👎👎👎 IPhone 13 pas de zoom optique X8 !!!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    28. Hermin Joshua Masulic

      I hope someone give me an IPhone. I hope.

    29. Hermin Joshua Masulic

      I hope someone give me an IPhone. I hope.

    30. Hermin Joshua Masulic

      I hope someone give me an IPhone. I hope.

    31. Hermin Joshua Masulic

      I hope someone give me an IPhone. I hope.

    32. Aaron

      So sad apple is doing so well... Disappointing with such mediocre tech

    33. Rheaya Pearce

      The way I’m really disappointed for another stupid, ugly colour. I was really hopeful we’d final get a pink iPhone. But no, they choose orange. Orange. Smh

    34. BA V

      Can u add on your phone case to cover the charging port so dust won’t get I have trouble with my iPhones always getting dirt in there and not being able to change after

    35. DAMEY

      hope to see new in iphone next year

    36. Marcell The Beast Porter

      I'm definitely buying this!

    37. Parvez Stk

      I love u bro any atherwise I will meet you

    38. Ethan Moreno

      please put phone rebel case magnet in the middle of the case

    39. Dumble Dont

      I never knew Elliot Rogers cared so much about Apple

    40. Alfie Holdaway

      I love your iPhone l got a new iPhone XR

    41. Keep it 100

      When are the the phones going to drop?

    42. Monty Navghane


    43. Rudra

      I came to see if the notch still exists, I see it does. I guess I'm keeping my Android for another year.

    44. Karon Oltremari


    45. KEEVVY

      A non notch iph 14 mini would had been perfect

    46. Allen Berry

      Apple bringing back ports to the MacBook Pro? WaaaAAAT

    47. Mahmoud Alahmad

      We hope that the Arabic translation will be included in the content. Thank you ❤

    48. I Am ShermVille


    49. Quilla Johnson

      I’m keeping my 12 pro max

    50. gameo7

      I’m a few weeks late but I just want to say I would *love* a blood glucose monitor on an Apple Watch!! It would be extemely helpful for ppl who are diabetic like me c:

    51. Charity Rivers

      Digital ID is a horrifying concept.

    52. Makarand Tawde

      Dude where is the new iPhone leaks video There are so many new rumours

    53. Miradi Tamutunga

      It's either the 12 pro max or the 13 pro max but it's hard to choose 😭 like should I wait for the 13 pro max? Or get the 13 pro max? 😭😭 This is a hard decision

    54. john ayacko

      really? the country that I live in right now has already implemented the digital ID shit. I got all my IDs, driving license, etc on my iPhone.

    55. Ayan safwan

      Will iPod release?

    56. Makarand Tawde

      When is the new video coming


      IPhone not zoom 100

    58. abade Al

      I may going for the new iphones and stop waisting money on phones for whiles 🥲

    59. Penny Manalo

      Suggestion: a case with phone ring that is magsafe friendly.

    60. Abby Stephens

      I love the colors on both the watch and new iPhone

    61. narven libre

      I had my 12 promax already hhmmnn well is this the final design for iphone 13 promax?

    62. Abo Salah

      6:05 we have this already here In Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

    63. Jorge Martinez

      Yooo I’m back

    64. sili sili

      *Kentitohack1 on IG is a genius on hacking and recovery jobs!* 🌹🌹

    65. Imperial Moments

      I reckon Steve was God

    66. Abdalla Khamas

      The rumor regarding the MacBooks at WWDC didn’t age well. I was looking forward to this. :D

    67. an1lp

      4:21 I want this wallpaper

    68. Brian Green

      Anyone else come just look at Filip’s gorgeousness!?!?

    69. Bella Putney

      i was watching vids on the series 6 cuz i was gonna buy one - now imma have to wait for the 7 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    70. Shi min Pang

      Are you planning on making Samsung cases?

    71. Shiva

      since Xs almost everything is same. Just some update to camera, little design.

    72. T T

      What if in September there's gonna be a iphone air and iphone 13???

    73. Mohammed Chowdhury

      I just bought the iPhone 12 Pro Max :/ I could resist I had to lol

    74. DestinyAddict

      Calling it now, Apple Watch pro incoming

    75. danny calland

      Mostly just a physical re design this year! Is this not the same thing every year? Every time something great is discussed it’s the same story…..not this year but maybe the next. Next year comes…..nothing!

    76. Theo Kag

      They probably gonna redesign in 2022..

    77. James White

      Yep I’m getting the Apple Watch 7 looking like the iPhone 12

    78. Aaron Matheson

      I don't see a vast improvement with 120hz (z fold 2).

    79. Jbird & Lato

      I don’t even rock cases but ima for sure getting the one for the 13 and bout to order a gen 1 11pro max gang

    80. Constance Lumière

      God Bless and Loves you all 🥰 you’ll never regret living for him 🤍

    81. antonio.matticoli

      Is there gonna be Touch ID !!

    82. Montgomery Family Videos Trying to start a discord where people can chat about the beta. If your beta testing please hop in so we can talk about features, bugs, updates, etc.

    83. Ewounet Abiy

      Blood glucose is extremely difficult to do non-invasively (without taking a sample of blood), several companies have promised to do it- and failed. I doubt that Apple will be able to do it before other companies that are solely geared towards this goal. Would be cool if they buy up one of them and sponsor the development though.

    84. OJ Navarro

      Can’t wait for apple watches to integrate a FaceTime camera, that would be so worth it in my opinion

    85. Carla Carla

      I’m waiting for Apple to make the different colors for MacBooks now!

      1. sili sili

        *Kentitohack1 on IG is a genius on hacking and recovery jobs!* 🌹🌹

    86. mohamad tayeh

      iPhone Can Immediately Push Samsung With the new IPhone 13

    87. Naj Brock

      Will touch id be included?

    88. Tommy TwoTone

      Soon as you add at 8:20 pop up and blew my car speaker three times louder than your video sound level. I disliked, unsubscribed and stopped watching this video but had to leave a comment. You gully’s need to prewar her your videos to check on sound level matching.

    89. Sam M

      Apple need to wow us

    90. Mike Jones

      Wow Apple better come through with these rumours excited!

    91. Garrett Driskill

      I’ve been hearing roomers of 120 hertz iPhone display since iPhone 6 lol

    92. Sherlock Holmes

      Why should u trust God? •He knows u by name •He will fight for you •He thinks about you •He has plans for you •He is your refuge •He will never leave you •He will always love you •He will always forgive you❤️

    93. Gavin.L

      Also Idk why they take out the stem like how tf I’m spossed to grab this shit

    94. Gavin.L

      Digital lisese u know mfs bouta hack the id to say 21

    95. JordanJ

      Your cases are ugly bro lol Stick to the videos.

    96. Jacob

      I'm looking forward to the 13 Pro. Currently using the 12 Pro Max, which honestly sometimes feels a little too big. But I'm really worried with the 13 Pro's Battery Life considering it's small capacity and 120 Hz

    97. Arian Bd

      In my opinion, among the phones that will come out in the future iPhone, 13 Pro, 14 Pro should have a display of 6.3 inches.

    98. brushot

      It’s one thing to have a boxy phone, but I feel like a boxy watch will not feel good on the wrist, or at least have the bottom part of the watch be curved.

    99. Apple iPhone

      Iphone 13... 4Nm

    100. elkoyottt

      Any word on when 1 inch photo sensors will be used in iPhones? Like in Sharp Aquos R6. With all the tweaks photo quality is still poor on iPhones. You can’t get it much better without a big sensor.