iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro DROP Test! 4x Stronger Ceramic Shield!

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    iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro Drop Test! Extreme durability testing the 'Toughest glass in any smartphone'.. Ceramic Shield glass has incredible results!

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    iPhone 12 DEEP Water Test!

    Last years 11 Pro Drop Test: hraero.info/contact/ypCfwKOasNS03qI/video

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    1. EverythingApplePro E A P

      My new Gen-2 Rebel Cases are FINALLY in stock! Thank you for supporting 💪 phonerebel.com/products/rebel-gen-2-series

      1. Sunil Kumar


      2. amit negi

        Can you drop an iphone in my location

      3. Evan Yandell

        But Apple New Ceramic Sheld Scratch At Level 6 And 7 Source Jerryrieveything

      4. Harrison Roberts

        Ok I will make sure to pick one up!

    2. Michaels823

      So in other words get a iPhone 12 and a decent case like an otter box and your phone should be solid

    3. Ghotrax

      the blue is fantastic

    4. Jaden R

      does anyone else cringe EVERYTIME it lands flat

    5. Zuleha Farooq

      Is it just me or when they drop face down my heart stops like i feel their pain😭😂 poor face

    6. Farhat Sarif

      is the iphone 12 promax machine for sale?

      1. Sunil Kumar


    7. Dan Stoff

      blue is much prettier

      1. Sunil Kumar


    8. William Flanagan

      Thousand dollar phones should be made well enough that you don’t need to put them in a case.

      1. Sunil Kumar


    9. Daniel's Channel

      I don't have an iphone or a phone i've been trying to get one for like one and a half year

      1. Sunil Kumar


    10. Veasna Un

      So, next, iPhone 13: Bedrock edition

    11. nur hazna

      Its break my heart every time he drops the phone💔

    12. Mahin

      Every time he dropped the two phones, my heart hurt, and I experienced massive amounts of anxiety.

    13. Coal ό

      I just did a break test with my s20 and is broken😔

    14. Dario May

      6:50 it was like dropping a pancake

    15. amit negi

      Can you drop an iphone in my location.


      good thing them phone screens don't break or you will lose alot of money

    17. Aqib Playz

      he says 11 pro and 11 pro max at 7:00 lol

    18. 希死念慮

      My iphone 12 pro's screen cracked by dropping from 120cm higher than floor😢😢😢 So i'll go apple store and pay for fuckin screen replacement... Sorry for bad English because i'm japanese.

    19. Ny'Jai Tv

      I feel like he needs to start violently throw it down to see cause what if I'm in a fight wit somebody or a argument and I end up throwing it at somebody

    20. 90goats gaming

      I got one for my bd

    21. Owen becher

      I got it seems that iPhone 12s blue

    22. Shemar Crandon

      Imagine people in Guyana don’t have smart phones and this nigga doing this😔

    23. dakshit jyani

      You can do a macgic lol i cant see tumb and only see finger as thunb 😂

    24. janaTV

      Instead of dropping it please give me a phone to record my videos... Hope.. No.. No no

    25. Liana Camarillo

    26. Gokul Nand

      Best phone to buy iPhone 12 ❤️

      1. James Guo

        It’s the worst phone

    27. AdelTDX

      bro im dying give it to me instead of throwing it

    28. Berk Berk Erkeçoğlu

      Please stopppp pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    29. Armin Wheeler

      Why’s everyone saying its the first flat edged iphone since the iphone 5? Y’all really forgot about the 4 huh?

    30. SpenZix

      I just bought iPhone 12 Pro and I felt like my iPhones life depends on this video

    31. Wild Gaming

      I personally dont think these tests are as accurate because they are on smooth cement floors where you would probably be dropping it on a side walk or something realistically and those have tiny rocks and other sharp points

    32. Matanel yo

      I don’t have many for this iPhone and u just drop it? There is no hope for this world!

    33. Deepak m

      If you don’t want this phone.. plz courier me

    34. Andrew Cappin

      Thank you for sacrificing your iPhone so we don’t have to 👍

    35. Diana Lara

      So basically iPhone 12 Pro Doesn’t need a case

    36. KHAN GAMER


    37. Divina Alcancia

      Anxiety level 99999999 😵‍💫😖😅😅😅

    38. R C

      Your drop test actually not 10ft if you dropping the same ph for different heights. Could be considered as old ph multiple drop or increase few foot in your readings cos you dropping an damaged ph here. 🙄🙄😅😅

    39. Ravi Varma

      Felling sad watching from my government provided laptop that I cannot afford a mobile for my online classes. And people are enjoying watching this being destroyed :-(

    40. Alexey Petrashkevich

      1:04 WAIT a minute, is that a charger? I thought apple stopped selling chargers with their phones!

    41. Jaden Bissell

      apple is a huge scam

    42. Surfari Salsa

      I'm so glad I watched this before I purchased it. Thank you!

    43. Cruz Ship

      So painful to watch but thanks

    44. Daniel Almeida

      It's all fun and games until someone lets it fall on calçada portuguesa... believe me flat surfaces are a walk in the park very forgiving compared with calçada portuguesa. One drop one screen 😅

    45. Muhd Darwish_

      can i get that crack iphone 12 from you 😭

    46. The_real_idoit

      Let’s be hones if u have a phone without a case or screen protector your just asking for it to break

    47. shahrul ihtisyam

      arghhhh.... my heart~~~~

    48. harry roweth

      I’d drop it 1ft and it would shatter knowing my luck

    49. Safat Shuvo

      How many iPhone you have. Why i never use an iPhone entire of life🥺🥺 You better gift me an iPhone 12 pro max😴

    50. Whofan 998

      This gives me mini heart attacks lol

    51. ANGRYBIRD Bird

      Hearts breaks

    52. Ron Ragas

      4:50 The timestamp you've been looking for, You're Welcome!

    53. Ohmyoung Kwon

      Perhaps I am the least fortunate person. Mine fell to the wooden floor at a height of 2 feet, but the center of the screen was cracked. I recommend buying the iPhone 12 only when you are convinced that you are a lucky person.

    54. Alexandru Runceanu

      this test is a Big bullshit, my iPhone 12 frame fucked up with a hose on it from 1m to the fluor,....so apple product suck !!!! expensive and low Quality .....

    55. Johnathon Blackwell

      People watching this on the 12 like 😃

    56. Arpit Deshwal

      bro instead of broke it you can give me because i am in a need

    57. Manikanta P

      Give me that I phone sir☹️☹️

    58. Isaac and Sofia


    59. Isaac and Sofia

      Still doing the giveaway

    60. jeffscomp

      You need to stop dropping them on top of each other

    61. Luigi Player 14

      Ok, Ceramic Shield is awesome

    62. Sujjal Stha

      wow awsome iphone 12 pro mamx. Give me one of these hit iphone 12.

    63. Deepak Sharma

      we are dreaming for iphones and you guys breaking it. Like you have iphones for break it and we dont have using for it.😔 life sucks

    64. Yash Parmar

      I need this phone don't, crash phone 😩

    65. PayThePrice0928

      6:52 THE RINGGGGG

    66. Bt 7274

      Honestly prefer normal glass over ceramic shields, because they scratch super easily because the screens are softer

    67. البصراوي البصراوي

      اكو عرب بطياره 🤦‍♂️

    68. WeirdMarvinboi

      The fact he has almost all iPhones in the background and he’s that rich

    69. Youssef Loubnan

      Dropping the phones that i can't afford, this physically hurts

    70. Drew Bieber

      Did u use screen protector on the iPhones


      All videos like comments 💯💯💯💯💯💯




      Sr big fan

    74. GMFreeek

      Do you ever do drop tests with back covers & screen protectors on them?

    75. Yasia Sorbo

      Check the cameras since they protrude more

    76. LaQuan Deberry

      Great job on drop test.

    77. Ryan

      I think the new 12s are much more fragile. i had an iphone 6 for 6 years in a lifeproof case and dropped it several times, ~2x/wk. The new 12 pro max with silicone case broke within 6 months of normal drops. Makes me frustrated, especially with the $500 repair price. i understand bigger span will be easier to break but this back glass is not strong enough. i'd rather have metal.

    78. TriggerWest

      “im not a big fan of the colour” wearing a watch thats the same colour

    79. Blir Ziberi

      My iPhone 12 Pro Max after 1 day: fell like 3 ft and the glass broke 🙂

    80. Ngy VinThov

      Me 1🙏😅❤️

    81. Vtx Reaper

      Me - can’t even afford an iPhone 7 EveythingApplePro EAP - DESTROYING IPHONE 12 PRO

    82. Living The Dream

      so hard to watch

    83. GangScud_ 07

      You have to do this Outside on a other Ground.

    84. Kayshawn Foster

      What kind of sneakers you're wearing those are nice

    85. Kenneth Drury

      That was brutal to watch

    86. T G

      man each drop is different, you gotta control your angles to make a true comparison.

    87. Justin Smorgunov

      Thanks for making videos for us

    88. Justin Smorgunov

      Oh my God you do a good job breaking the phones

    89. Ayush kumar Anant

      Amezing bro

    90. E Vatia


    91. daniel ferry


    92. Red Death

      Drop apple 13

    93. deepak kumar

      my heart was jumping out from mouth everytime he was dropping these phone !!

    94. Granny 3

      2:12 Lamya Tareq has that phone

    95. Simply Safwanah

      He kept talking “iphone 11” instead of “iphone 12” 😂

    96. Fvhny



      Give some to poor people like me 😪😓

      1. Thor_Lock_habibi


    98. TECH GENIC

      👁️ 👁️. 👁️👁️ 👄. 👃 👄

    99. TECH GENIC

      👁️ 👁️. 👁️👁️ 👄. 👃 👄

    100. Jayden Whitley

      Me and my iPhone seven watching in horror and jealousy XDDD