iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro DROP Test! 4x Stronger Ceramic Shield!

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    iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro Drop Test! Extreme durability testing the 'Toughest glass in any smartphone'.. Ceramic Shield glass has incredible results!

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    iPhone 12 DEEP Water Test!

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    1. EverythingApplePro E A P

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        @Daniel Duarte marketing

      2. Daniel Duarte

        Why you have a bandage

      3. Aa3Dr Gam3r

        My order for your rebel gen 2 gets cancelled.. why?

      4. Mr.saitama gaming

        Can you help me?.

      5. Bobby Kashyap

        Sir please give me iPhone 12 please sir give me a iPhone 12 than like your all HRaero video ❤️ promise sir please trust me

    2. Jannat Firdaush

      this kind of videos break my heart....I can't watch it bye

    3. Elaxer Blaxer

      Pro max! 13 pro max! Samsung!

    4. (=gab=)TV

      Oooouuucccch.it’s really really hurts .I love iPhones.

    5. Jindra Smutný

      Watching this again after a year and I can’t wait for iPhone 13 series 😁

    6. Rainier Pulgar

      These are the renewed phones

    7. mindsync

      im getting the 13 , never got the 12, so i can comfortably go caseless with this phone based on this video?

    8. Hannes Lauterbach

      So much pain

    9. Selman Gören

      Its hard to stand it...

    10. Che Hassan

      Pleas give me ifhone pleas

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      I do not claim the energy here

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    13. nick nieuwelink

      But… why

    14. hUtiYaa

      Seriously everytime when u drop it.. gives me goosebumps

    15. Sarita Sharma

      the video is not continous during drop test.

    16. bebeto

      in my country you have to work 3 months without eat to buy iphone 12 pro, omg

    17. francisco flores

      no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shit xD me quema!! ver esto. T-T

    18. Chiara Wheatley

      What happens to the broken phones?

    19. AceBladesYT

      i’m watching this on a iphone 12 pro 😂

      1. soufiane Boukili

        Somebody has Money 😂😂 I wish i can have one someday 😂

    20. owen daboss

      I dropped my pro in an otterbox and the back shattered so take the “ceramic shield” with a grain of salt

    21. Davi Man

      I’ve had my I phone 11 for a year and 2 months and I have to say it looks like a car window when broken and it runs and very usable Like a beauty

    22. stolen anime

      New iphone lunch .next week youtubers testing fall test ..me watching this video in my potato 🥔 phone

    23. ingrid louis

      Thank you for this video. Have you done any test with clear case and pop grips on the iPhone 12 series?. I installed a pop grip to my phone with clear case, about a month ago. And my phone dropped under 3 ft and back ceramic glass broke. I believe that the pop grip could have been the cause of the damage.

    24. ユキネミク


    25. Jay Kapadia

      I’m watching Samsung m32 ad in iphone 12 pro 😂

    26. Muntazir Sayyed

      There should be a pop up after dropping the iphone like "take a deep breath".

    27. Gaby

      I dropped my iPhone 7 from the balcony 40 feet down into concrete floor and the only thing that broke was the screen. Phone worked perfectly. Pretty amazing!

    28. John Hilado

      Ako lang ba natatakot sa twing mag drop sya nag iphone. Sayang talaga! Sana akin nalang. 😥😥

    29. khaliq alexander

      @7.01 it’s 12 pro and 12 pro max not 11pro and 11 pro max

    30. Mahsaw es

      ok,,,, but whyyyy 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    31. Shawn Dsilva

      Enjoyed ur Video Buddy would be much help full if u could add in 1 more device with the protecting cover

    32. Chris Harris

      drop it on that good ole asphalt thatll break anything

    33. Himanshu creation

      Brother can you gift me a i phone 12 Please?

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    35. Tootie

      My heart dropped right with them phones. Lemme go ahead and order my case before my phone gets here lol

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    37. Chris Newby

      Is this the phone I want? Maybe... but Is it the phone my fat clumsy hands needs? Oh hell yes

    38. SurfDevil FF

      I want a iPhone But I Am Poor Who is Suffering from same situation 😖🥺

    39. Ritesh _____

      Give me one phone please I am very poor 😥😥😩🤣


      i cant afford one 😢

    41. Jyoxx

      even though i have the 12 pro max it still hurts my soul

    42. Jeremy Jose

      I dropped my iPhone 12 when I’m sitting on the floor, and it went black screen:)))))))))

    43. Asper Voxic

      Nokia still better

    44. Haydeneronious B

      drop mine like 3 feet off the ground and it shatters WITH A CASE

    45. Tătaru Octavian

      You should do a test on asphalt, I always drop my phone when I get up or out of my car, you should also do tests on a driveway or something where are small stones and other tiny fragments.

    46. SAAB


    47. Andrei Uluada

      How the fuck bro…. I dropped my phone… 1m with a case and still my screen shattered

    48. wan azali

      Im using ip12 mini..Massive dissappointed with its durability. Already placed the screen protector but its still easily cracked. Now i need to replaced my front screen since touch screen is not working and cracked due to fall from table.I can say that apple product is getting worst. Massive dissappointment.Totally not worth the price.😓

      1. ReXurEe

        My iPad 6 survived a fatal injury lmao. I dropped it on a sharp thing and was extremely angry since this was the first time I cracked a phone. Turns out it was the screen protector that cracked lol

    49. Iren Y

      this hurts me

    50. Neal Kumar

      Don’t ever break your phone I broke my phone with the remote controller when I was mad at fortnite

    51. Armando Nunez

      Nice review… thanks for doing this test! 👌🏻

    52. Heiden TV

      its funny to see this videos. but i would like to see when the floor isnt that flat because thats not real world drop test.... then would every phone die from hips high.

    53. conacter

      you gotta be nuts to buy a phone that expensive and not protect it with a front glass guard and a case! Its like buying an expensive car and dont get car insurance.

      1. ReXurEe

        He’s testing the phone itself 🤦‍♂️. He’s showing how durable it is without case and screen protector

    54. Mubashir Mubashir

      Bro send me one iphone plss

    55. Monster

      Malayaliez undo

    56. Sebi0425 Funny

      That's why you get a case


      everytime he drops iphone I get a heart attack now im in hospital.

    58. Jco92

      Hurt watching this

    59. snowwhite pg

      I m forever confused between gold and pacific blue

    60. Liam Wilson

      I have just the standard 12 in black and in my opinion it looks so much better than the blue

    61. Space Time

      do falling vdo wid d covers

    62. mohammad irfan

      Malayalai undo

    63. Daniel Windsor Harman

      oh you cant do that now ots considered a class 6 felony now! watch out for shitt field chester shithea dc police they will charge you a felony for breaking your iphone but rape their cousin yee haw

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    65. Gorest Fump

      Why am I watching this.... I don't even have an iphone

      1. ReXurEe

        Same. Getting one next week after saving up. Still in high school with no phone lmao

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    67. RaresYT Games

      My heart hurts when I see this videos

    68. Conor Kindlon

      I got the 12 yesterday and I was outside testing the camera while my brother was kicking a ball against the wall and kicking it again but at one kick he didn’t catch it again. The ball hit my phone out of my hand fell on stone. It was perfectly fine afterwards.

    69. 18WJ1A03H8 Shivaji

      Bro I want to buy iphone 12 motherboard please reply me bro🇮🇳🇮🇳

    70. Sir Kman

      What do you do with all the broken phones?

    71. Sucharith Battina

      Superb Video.

    72. Natali Izurieta

      This is why I don't trust and don't like buying 'refurbished', 'open box', 'second hand' or whatever that subtlety means used or threw off to dead like these iPhones 🥴

    73. The Stroke Jackson

      My heart stops for a second. Jeezzz.

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      Please give me I phone

    75. Aryan Singh

      I am poor men sir

    76. Aryan Singh

      Give me I phone please

    77. Aryan Singh

      Todne se acha mujhe de sir I phone 12 pro I am India

    78. Olaf Karlsen

      What is the floor material ?

    79. Isaac Kyaga

      But which scenario would you drop the phone from 10 ft?

    80. Isaac Kyaga

      I have the blue iPhone 12 and I’m very happy for it.

    81. Body on body

      I already got a chip on the corner of the screen on my gold pro max barely can see it but was annoyed

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      gettin the 12 today cause my 8 has a cracked lcd panel

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    83. Gaming Geeker

      The durability is incredible

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    84. BlueDolphin

      This is why i use a case and screen protector 😌

    85. Pranjal

      Plzz courier me that broken iphone 12 pro i will operate it happily

    86. Robert May

      You’re on a flat floor do it not on a flat floor the phones fucked from first one bro

    87. Charlie Ferrer Ibarz

      Al parecer es más resistente que el viejo Nokia!!! 😂❤️


      Finally nokia rip

    89. Venture Pictures

      Mous case and tempered glass screen lol 😂 first thing I put the thing in lol

    90. Federico Nicolas Cañete Hughes

      The back glass Is gorilla glass not ceramic shield

    91. jenna garcia

      i dropped my 12 pro from like 4 feet and the back shattered with an otterbox case on👍

    92. Izabela Wie

      żeby ktoś ci pierdolna młotkiem po twoich ceramic shield uzębieniu januszu.moze taki odcinek ?

    93. Juan Paez

      What’s the case name that appears on 1:12 of the iPhone 12 Pro?

    94. Total Learning

      Hi, please give me a phone after the durability test. My mobile is of 6 years old and not working well. Not buying new as my sister marriage is ahead and already spent a lot of money for my father's heart treatment

    95. Carl Johnson

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    96. Eric Cartman

      Note to self, when you can’t find the pin to change SIM cards just drop it from 10 feet

    97. kksreejith kadachira

      Heart' broken seen 😭😭😭

    98. Mirela Cobzaru.

      I would go for the two camera because its cheaper then the 3 camera and its the same thing tbh not a super big diffrence.

    99. ATSIZ

      iphone 12 better than m1a2 abrahams

    100. Zulaikha Hj Yunus