$180 Fake iPhone 12 Pro Max vs $1,599 12 Pro Max! (NEW)

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    NEW Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro Max Clone!! Fake $180 iPhone 12 Pro Max vs $1,599 12 Pro Max.. Smaller notch, even smaller bezel, 1:1 size. Scary close to the real deal!

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    $20 for Rebel! FLOLAB screen protector included!

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    1. EverythingApplePro E A P

      My new Gen-2 Rebel Cases are FINALLY in stock! Thank you for supporting 💪 phonerebel.com/products/rebel-gen-2-series

      1. NicVandEmZ

        Can you see if you can use fake glass back on real iPhone

      2. Zuulim

        Haha. The iphones is made in china. But designed in California.

      3. 2stroke mx classics

        Thanks for this vid m8 I've just bought a broken one and I thought I had been sold a copy till you showed us inside the fake one thanyou👍

      4. Stefan Andrejevic

        5 hours ago

    2. Gas Gotti

      What an absolute piece of shit. Just buy a different phone if you can’t afford the 12.

    3. Marie Kargbo

      I still want it fake or real iphone plzz

    4. DpS Ash

      Its a rip off but ok

    5. Kevin Saeed

      Wher u find this at?

    6. Ed Norm

      i hate how hes just slamming down new iphones down on the tables like he gets them for free

    7. isaac

      It’s pretty fuckin good for a clone

    8. Poison Ivy

      The cancel button is no 😂😂😂

    9. Lil Spazzout

      Where I buy this fake one at

      1. Mary Fred

        I got an iPhone 12 pro max free from #fredhack_on Instagram his legit and reliable, i never knew it was real until it was deliver to me at my door step

    10. Atubhai Bhil

      Muje chahiye i phone

    11. Mahmud Al Mansur


    12. Like TNT guy

      Also the fake version’s keyboard is android,not the real-deal.

    13. SuperUniverse

      gold is the best and then silve then pacific blue

    14. Simge 96

      you know you have a lot of money when you can stack those phones (the real ones) and not be worried of scratches

    15. Diana Robinson

      where did you get the dupe from?

    16. Haikal

      Broo i want iPhone 7 pluss😭😭

    17. TheNextBigThing

      Why you got realme luck nahi there? 🙄

    18. Cuty Cuty Pi

      Does it download app 😂 that's what matter and quite important 😁

    19. Cuty Cuty Pi

      Where did you get it. I want to get one just to use temporary until the new one comes out 😃

    20. TechMag

      Iphone 13 notch in advance 😆😆

    21. sabukxx

      Fake phones should be banned! They are ruining real ones!

    22. mojtaba ahmadzadeh

      everyone who buy this fake phone has no gray cells

    23. Damien Hartley

      The main issue with fake apple is lack of network support but the one feature that fake apple has well is HDR focus for video but otherwise you have to run a hotspot so you might as well buy a Google pixel smartphone and take your fake iPad on vacation became nobody will still fake iPad .

    24. Damien Hartley

      The main issue with fake apple is lack of network support but the one feature that fake apple has well is HDR focus for video but otherwise you have to run a hotspot so you might as well buy a Google pixel smartphone and take your fake iPad on vacation became nobody will still fake iPad .

    25. Damien Hartley

      The main issue with fake apple is lack of network support but the one feature that fake apple has well is HDR focus for video but otherwise you have to run a hotspot so you might as well buy a Google pixel smartphone and take your fake iPad on vacation became nobody will still fake iPad .

    26. Zahid Imran

      i'll buy it

    27. Deziree Haney

      is there an apple on there

    28. ගේමින් ශශිය

      If possible, if you have an used and discarded Apple phone, please give it to me. Poor thing, we ask.😴

    29. Martha Aziamanyo

      Now some are made in USA and it's only 400dirham in dubai, that's like 110 dollars

    30. REX Gaming

      Can I have that fake iPhone. I really wanted to have iPhone though it was fake 😊 thankyou and advance 🥺🥺

    31. Moishe G


    32. Crosham

      Nice Dynaudio Monitor Speakers. COngrats on these !

    33. Earl gaming

      need phone pls give phone

    34. antonio gutierrez


    35. Anna Naidu

      Gv me 1 IPhone

    36. Evelyn Tan

      Can it connect with iwatch

    37. Qiswa Fatima

      Can you give me a iPhone I am from Pakistan

    38. Sinh Quang

      làm gì vậy

    39. Rondel Valentine

      can i have one pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    40. PixelFX

      add a better Soc and a camera. Its done.

    41. DL mistake

      look at the youtube on the clone

    42. عبد الرحمن يسرى مصطفى محمد عنانى

      i mean for 180 dollars its still a good deal!

    43. Ali Usmanov

      How to find this iphones

      1. Boomboom Baby

        From DH gate I have one and it’s 10x better than my Samsung s7 lol .

    44. Lhorna Devera

      Hi I love apple cp but a can buy it..

    45. Jacko Vancouver

      This video make my day 🤣🤣🤣

    46. DEJA VU

      i am wondering how manufacturer did watch this video being dominated to his fake product. lol

    47. RAMSHAD NK

      I'm wondering how much EAP would've struggled to distinguish the clones and the OG at the end of the review

    48. Am Pro

      Wdym imean NO

    49. Am Pro

      LOL at least put “EXIT” not “NO”

    50. Am Pro


    51. Lol duh

      If you did not tell me that's fake I would of thought it was real

    52. Zenit Azumu

      I am really in need of a new phone because this school year, physical teaching is not allowed so we. Eed to rely kn technology Unfortunately, My phons is so slow making it so harf to learn and participate. I hope u will give me.

    53. voyage beam

      can i get a shoutout

    54. Ali javed

      That fake is for tik tokers

    55. Taha YT / bs SORRY 999

      “The latest and greatest from China”

    56. Sahil Girdhar

      Bro, sim tray location is same as original , before it was different as u said becoz u were comparing with pro model(small in size).

    57. Kudrat

      that’s why I hate chine 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    58. Khant Khant

      Give me pro

    59. Xxbleedinxx


    60. 8v Ganhulug

      Gemme free iphone

    61. PJ Justice

      I can't afford even the fake one huhu T^T

    62. Mark Lester Victorio Seguancia

      Original iphones is for rich people, while fake iphones is for poor people like me😂

    63. TAG IT Tech Support

      Plot Twist: China accidently shipped him the iPhone 13 that features the smaller notch.

    64. Taylor Lam

      At least, you got a adapter and EarPods 🤣

    65. Rui Claude PH

      I wish i could have that kind of phone :(

    66. LeonInTheDark

      This phone: how to flex when you are poor!

    67. Ed Van-West

      They usually advertise as 12ROM 512GIG STORAGE ? But in real terms it only have 1 GIG MEMORY and 4 GIG STORAGE ?


      can you send the link for buying i want to prank my cousin

    69. Samantha Hipployte

      I can see why all Americans hv iphone now lmaoo

    70. Mohit B

      Cheater China

    71. Antonio the Savage

      so can i get a fake 11 or 12

    72. leroy carter

      I’ll rather use an android then that fake iPhone 😂

    73. Mekye Slaton

      Where can I find this

    74. BeanBowlProductions

      Those clones make my iPhone 8 look good

    75. Uan De Leon

      Pls Im begging Im watching This video so I can Afford More Cheaper IPhone To give my Sister She really Want a phone I can't Afford It ❤️🙏🙏🙏

    76. cherwinn jungoy

      i only just focusing on your finger nails its so cute :)

    77. Side Face

      How to get I phone: Put a Phone And Add An apple Behind it FOLLOW ME FOR MORE RECIPE

    78. Omar Itani

      I am watching rhis on my 12

    79. TechNeard

      where did you get the iphone clone from

    80. MC

      Fake iPhone 12? Stop it from selling!

    81. xxdinosawaxx gamer girl

      can you put in the link to where you got the fake one from lmaoo I have and original and I want to compare I think I will get views

    82. Asher Aizon

      Can i have the fake 1😭 i just wanna know how it feels to an iphone

    83. Next Gen


    84. Johndel Plays

      Even if you give a fake IPhone 12 I will accept it that's mah favorite

    85. Nick zockt

      who can i buy they

    86. Ehsan sariri

      به دستت چی شده عشقم؟❤

    87. Bro Thy-KH

      សុំiphone 12pro max មួយគ្រឿងបានអត់ Bro?

    88. Waqas Ahmed

      2021 using iPhone 📱 10s

    89. Imaan’s Fun & Learn

      Can I get an iPhone pls I wish I could But like from Bangladesh

    90. Mr Anonymous

      comes with a charger, looking promising, plus you're not supporting Apple being a-holes

    91. Story Notch

      Your mr beast 2.0


      Ok na saken kahit fake atlis my pang online class

    93. Shoetonic

      Me with iPhone 6 : lol

    94. adriano Bushi

      10:00 2 absolutely fake lences😂

    95. Liqyid

      IPhone SE 3 Concept :D

    96. sweaty77 bryant

      not that bad but pretty bad

    97. Aili Zhou

      Maybe it's the reformed 11pro max.

    98. Vikash Rashmika

      Bro check in vova app there also have this type phones for 80$

    99. Bunthy Tech

      I will not this recommend

    100. Grim Wally

      They give headphones but there’s no headphone jack