iPhone 12 vs 11 DEEP Water Test! 18 FT Rating Legit?

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    Can iPhone 12 really survive 18 foot depths? 30 FT? iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 extreme deep water test! IP68 6M vs IP68 2M.

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    iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro DROP Test!

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    1. EverythingApplePro E A P

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      1. Satyam Verma

        Pls bro can you give me a iPhone 12

      2. amit negi

        Drop an I phone in my terrace water tank

      3. Marz69

        Can you do more iPhone 12 water test

      4. Keenan Foley

        Let’s go

      5. Shane Masterson


    2. Naresh Suthar

      Give me iphone 7 please

    3. Gavin Clark

      Anyone else waiting for him to turn the cameras on! Like if you did.

    4. Apple is COOL

      can i have the give away link

    5. The Random LEGO Guy


    6. amit negi

      Drop an I phone in my terrace water tank.

    7. law di

      Anyone got the giveaway?

    8. Mitzuki_1818


    9. Mitzuki_1818


    10. Mitzuki_1818


    11. ellada ifraimov

      But what abt the speakers

    12. Markit Buhsan

      Hello bro please give me an iPhone 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    13. nadixk

      i dropped my iphone 12 in 3 inches of water for a minute before i found it and i have moisture in all my cameras and my face id doesn’t work anymore

    14. Sam

      Unboxing and watwrdrop test. My hearts is 😔

    15. sꪊꪶtꪖꪀ ρꪖsꫝꪖ

      Kindly please do water test of iPhone 12 Pro max.

    16. ASSSASIN USER🈺 Dulay

      Hi iwant iphone thats my dream im in philipines becuase my phone is oppo A5s to old

    17. Chief Pat

      what a lad

    18. Jagman Bhullar

      This guy puts iPhones under water iPhones be like :hraero.info/contact/225ep4qB1cqwsKo/video

    19. Yuk Jerang

      So did the speaker get damaged or no?

    20. Paulryan121

      no drop test video? or am i blind?

    21. Nitin Raj


    22. 1brahim 1smailov

      Give me that iPhone inside throwing them to water 😂😞

    23. Martin 06

      0:32 I have an iPhone 11 too in red xD 😅

    24. Dr of AmCramPology

      The iPhone submariner coming 2027

    25. Dr of AmCramPology

      Is this the location where Superman went to work on the boat in man of steel?

    26. Zyrusbert Calicdan

      Iwant iphone 12

    27. Zyrusbert Calicdan

      My phone battery iss ot workin im using my mothers phone so plssssssss

    28. Zyrusbert Calicdan

      I subscribe to u like 2 years

    29. TheIronDuke

      If only this held true for my DJI Mavic

    30. Ethan Casey

      Me in shower rn

    31. Haden Church

      I live on the delta and my friends mom accidentally dropped her brand new iPhone 8 Plus in the water and it took her a week to get it out from under the dock and it was about 18 feet of water and she got it out and it still worked like a new phone she just had to dry it and charge it.

    32. sobana sathianarayanan

      I am linking because he is wasting his money

    33. Sharky


    34. Nionity

      i Wonder how the samsung fare

    35. Destiny Tochukwu

      I need an iPhone never used one before but a big fan

    36. Dianne Berame

      I wonder how many phones this guy had destroyed for all his durability tests 😂😅

    37. Taylor Swift 13 Vlog

      I see you a lot of phones I feel wasted when you torture them so can you give me one

    38. Francis Nongsiej

      Ohhh my god wow..🔥 iphone 😎

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    42. samir Sethy

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    44. Kunal Saini

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    45. Mary Angeline Cabañero

      Give me a iphone please 🥺

    46. Section 15

      Know I’m late but I’m happy to see the 11 still worked. I’ve got that phone & was in a car wreck fairly recently… At any rate the car flips multiple times. I was life flighted to a hospital for 4 days. After getting home & taking it out of the case, I realized it had been sitting in a pool of blood inside the case the whole time. It still worked & to my surprise, no broken glass at all!

    47. ivxs m

      So does that mean i can take a shower with my phone and nothing will happen?

    48. Bakau Unboxing

      Lets go fishing

    49. Bruh Buddy

      Say 6 8 not 68

    50. Bhaskar Kolage

      i cant afford it but just seeing the video 😂😂😂😂

    51. Harrison Stack

      Or Columba

    52. Harrison Stack

      Is it like Columbia SC

    53. Shreedhar Neupane

      i dont have a iphone 5 yet and you guys....................

    54. alwin n a

      Bruh can you buy me a iPhone 8pluz to play pubg

    55. Karma Sangak

      Who else think that the box saves a liberal amounts of water pressure?

    56. Vlogging Channel

      the iphone 11 IS NOT WATER PROOF

    57. Bear21

      Plot twist: the iphones do better than the waterproof camera

    58. a k

      Everything works well till a battery replacement

    59. Sathish Kumar

      Don't do that like that guys my iPhone 12, I brought 4 days before it just fell down in a bucket of water for 3 to 4 seconds only the speaker is gone.

    60. M 2004

      poor phones

    61. monicando

      its funny and tragic that the mint iphone 12 is a dream for me and someone is taking out of the box to dunk in water love that for me

    62. LUCIFER

      I will Only say you Pagal🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

    63. Gus Simon

      i want one awww look what u doing with the poor iphone awww an am stuck here with a 7 + smh

    64. MobileMansion

      Where'd he film that at

    65. Fadi kostandy

      Can I get an iPhone 12 and airpods

    66. Joel The DJ

      Yho mates I’m so scared to take it underwater I’m going to vacation Friday 😭😭but I’ll just do it my insurance will cover if things go south 😹😭

    67. Basketball Mixtapes

      GOD bless🙏🏾💕

    68. Makyah Weathers

      I have a question so my 11 got literally a drop of pop in the charging port and it says I can’t charge my phone for several hours because a little bit of pop got in my phone

    69. Random Tech

      Putting two iPhones into a mesh crate with some rocks and swonging it in the air and dropping it into water afterwards. Sounds like a great idea!!

    70. Samanthax

      So when it gets in water, you’re not supposed to turn it off and put it in rice to prevent it from short circuiting?

    71. Barbary Lion

      Watching on iphone 11 green colour

    72. Tera Hero Idhar Hai

      I think he is using Dummy fones

    73. Alyxis Exume

      Damn they survived

    74. arul mani

      Any wast iPhone give me I'm india

    75. ronald lazar

      I say still put it in Rice to draw the moisture away from the Speakers 🔊 after prolong uses in water to help 😁👍🏿

    76. Oliver Queen

      I’m pretty sure the fish enjoyed taking selfie’s underwater

    77. Oliver Queen

      Watching the video on my iPhone 11 and I’m like “ baby I spent quite a bit of 100’s on you so ima not risk it” . Good video

      1. YoMamaGayXD

        Bro same but with the iPhone 12

    78. Raman Raj

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    79. Funny Berries

      It’s nice, but I wouldn’t try it after having the phone for more then 3 years. I dont Want the water resistance to wear away

    80. Ubaidha Ummer

      Oh.. U r testing such an expensive phone... And me dont have money to buy an iphone 7 plus....

    81. cinny indy

      Give it to me if u just broke them for nothing😭😭😭😭😭

    82. Static 1

      I think that u need to find deeper water to test these phones from now on. Good video by the way

    83. Jugraj Singh

      Which is that lake? What is the name of it?

    84. spiny Gamer

      He from canada?

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    87. pablo Hernandez

      remember Jesus and God loves you ❤ 🙏 💖 💕

    88. Melek Bulut

      Don't you want to gift your broken iPhones

    89. Omar.L

      This is why these divers find crazy amount of phones down there 😃

    90. Muhammed aseeb

      Bro please give me an iphone 😢😢

    91. muhammad talha bin mumtaz


    92. muhammad talha bin mumtaz


    93. Ray Khan

      Fun fact: I dropped my iPhone 11 in the sink this is why I searched it up to see if anything bad will happen but he went how much feet?

    94. KeeganS1

      Appreciate the 4k60!

    95. Balck Boy

      Hello sir give me i phone please

    96. Robin Singh

      Are you so rich that you Just buy a new iPhone 12 just to do test!?? Gosh i wish I had an iPhone I’m saving. If someone will give me an iPhone as gift I’ll be forever grateful


      I used to watch your vids but I’m watching now

    98. Fadil Malik

      i wish i could change my phone one day🥺

    99. Ian Cann

      Can get one of those iPhone 12 because you just keep getting new ones?

    100. Mr.Bulldops

      Lmao there’s divers down there and they just see a cage with two iPhones in it... but oh shoot it’s locked ☹️