iPhone 12 vs 11 DEEP Water Test! 18 FT Rating Legit?

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    Can iPhone 12 really survive 18 foot depths? 30 FT? iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 extreme deep water test! IP68 6M vs IP68 2M.

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    iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro DROP Test!

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      1. Ahmed Sh

        It’s not available on my country

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      5. mr marofantastic nuttp // curse plainrock124

        @jade vincent apag N.O

    2. Kelly Wilson

      I dropped a new Note 9 under the hood of my car sat there for 2 days soaking in oily water 💦 I happen to be working under the hood when I heard it beep long story short it worked for about a week then the screen died turns on but the screen is black


      Which color is better to buy in iphon 11 please suggest me ❤️ love from india 👍

    4. Arfian Angga Yulanto

      I don’t think it successfully got sunk 18ft deep considering the strong stream of the sea. It’d be more accurate if it got tested on a pool in which the water is calm. Just my 2 cents.

    5. Abby Stephens

      Imagine a fish finding the phone in the can and want to take a selfie 😂😂😂

    6. 19alexaaaa19

      The speakers still worked at the end???

    7. Mimic Infinite

      It’s going to take me several years of working through PTSD of two phones drowning for le to have have a panic attack at my phone getting thrown into the water lol

    8. Ryden Bruce

      November 3rd is my birthday bro

    9. Steve Flagg

      Scrolling quickly have you heard you look like Charlie Berens nice video BTW

    10. Cupwake1012 RBLX

      I remember stress testing my 11 pro (non max) at Lake Powell in Utah when I went there. I jacked up the screen but nothing else.

    11. GVTrivia

      A friend dropped his 11 in a pool during pool party stayed there for 5+ hrs… all good

    12. Kallah Classes

      A meter is 3.28 feet, so 6 meters is about 20 feet.

    13. ?Abigail?

      Could i have a iphone 11?…. I know that y’all are giving away the 12 but like my dream is to have the 11 and my birthday’s coming up November 25 And I am right now not able to get anything due to money

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    15. Tech Tube Rishi

      Do something water test of OnePlus 9 pro

    16. Neon Galactic78

      LMAO anybody else in there pool walking around with the phone in the hand

    17. XATECK

      I got the 12pro

    18. Loose- Hotline

      I just got an iPhone 11…. I chose it over the 12 since I like the bigger battery and camera is about the same 😅

    19. im not a weeb i promise

      ayo i have the same jacket as you

    20. Lucas Wheeler

      Hurts to see thousands of dollars being thrown into the water for the heck of it

    21. Arshlan Khan

      Can you give this iphone 12 its a humble request to you

    22. silverskiiys

      good to know if i drop my phone in the toilet it won’t just.. die

    23. Google do trap

      Entendi porra nenhuma

    24. Shubhank Shukla

      The same phone 2 years later won’t be waterproof . I tell u as I type this on my ruined XS .

    25. MD Rifat Hossain


    26. ilovelove88

      i disliked the video just because of your youtube name dont hate on an honest man damn.

    27. Thalysson & Andriele

      Esse celular poderia tá na minha mãe😫😫😫

    28. delfina bell

      What about the voice of the speakers? When the water dries the sound will become clear again?

    29. Funny Instagram

      Poor iPhone 11 -3:55 don’t scold him😡

    30. Suchi desai

      I got my 12 on 7th aug and i dropped in tea today😜

    31. Muhammad Faizal

      Your content is so helpful.. i have no doubt after I watching your video . So i decided to buy it both right now..

    32. Zombie Genius🧟‍♂️

      What do you put at the back of those phones!!

      1. Wael Hafsaoui

        Magnet I guess

    33. Shane Thayer

      i’m so mad my iphone 11 got hot tub water splashed on it for 15 minutes and completely died, all my pixels died and there was water behind the front facing camera, the speakers were blown and everything was broke. I had to buy an entirely new phone (iphone 12)

    34. Nadir Bouba

      Sérieux t aurait dû me les donner tes iPhones au lieu de les jeter à l eau 💦 moi je jèterais jamais mon iPhone 12 a l eau

    35. 曦 张

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    36. Rahul Pawaskar

      Wish i was swimming inside that water i would cut that rope and take both iphone 😐 lol

    37. Mohamed Kabbaj

      its a tricky test, for the next test try to put the phone horizontal not vertical

    38. Lee Bernabe

      Hope someday i have iphone too, but for now enjoying watching your video, god bless

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    41. Aaron Johnson

      This is a real water test

    42. Fast and fun

      As soon as the video started I thought of ye old bucket

    43. Dalton Parker

      Is nobody else tired of hearing “much better, new design of the iPhone 12” when it is literally exactly the same as the iPhone 4 and 5?

    44. Daniel Johnson

      Is that steamboat landing?

      1. Daniel Johnson

        Never mind that’s my home town dock. I’ll skip saying the town

    45. XxTropicGamerxD Idk

      If that was my phone it would break if it was there for 1 minute

    46. Doctor Catnip

      That is NOT “straight down”. Current makes a huge difference.

    47. Kaif Ali

      It’s so comfortable to watch your experiments😌

    48. alexander getis

      Is it also ok in the sea or only in lake water or pool?

    49. THEICON2125

      It's wild watching these kinds of videos and having them survive. My wife killed her 8 Plus by knocking it into a bucket of water and has irreparably damaged her 11 Pro Max (her volume buttons don't work but everything else seems to work) having it in a zip lock bag that got water in it while on the river. I'm guessing it's more about the amount of time than the depth on these.

    50. Daniel Danquah

      Wow this phones are awesome

    51. Eduardo Sosa

      1:23 Big upgrade

    52. Lil Key6

      Well dam

    53. Dusan Jovanovic

      Iphone 12 or 11 can go deeper? It doesn't matter it's the same thing. It's not matter how deep It can go...

    54. David Zhang

      my iphone 11 pro died after jumping in the pool w it

    55. ejcupcake1234

      Is this the north Carolina sound?

    56. Owens DC


    57. danisbot

      Can you buy me a iPhone 12 mini plss

    58. Kevin Hernández Arango

      Which river is that? is massive

    59. Bhat Ruhaan

      Even my iphone 8 is water resistant but i am not goona do that

    60. wubwubwubwubwubwubwub

      watching in the shower lol this phone is much better than my iphone 5

    61. Suyog Patil

      Please give me iPhone 12 please sir

    62. krishn kant

      sir please give me a i phone i not using i phone so please give me a i phone

    63. Prince Senkii

      I wanna see EAP testing new water ejection feature on iPhones. U can download it via shortcuts app.

    64. Saurabh Mayekar

      So I don't need a Gopro

    65. Raza Berisha

      iPhone 12 tha best

    66. Farah Makiling

      Would like to clarify your testing the phones on sea water or a lake.?

    67. AFreakinBeast Yt


    68. Taylor Orwick

      Can I take it in a cold pool iPhone 12

    69. Tuan Hung Vo

      Hi I wanna ask if I’ve been using my phone for a long time and during the time I use my phone it heats up and cool down on a cycle, if it keeps doing that will my phone still be waterproof

    70. thristian Alarcon

      Wish I can have one of iphone 🥺

    71. thristian Alarcon

      Wish I can have one of iphone 🥺

    72. Piro Gaming 69

      My dream was having a I phone 12 pro max 🥺


      Give a iphone 12 please

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      I'm not a subscriber for very long but can I get one I'll pay for shipping I need an upgrade from a Samsung.

    76. Lokesh Chand

      Take your iPhones to pool. It's so much fun.You should be fine.

    77. rajan choudhary

      Keep it up man

    78. Kerr Buchanan

      Rumour has it that if u go down to the bottom of that ocean u will find pablos cocaine

    79. 8DMusic 603

      I wouldn't say we don't have to worry about water anymore. The screen looks great but even with the 12 that fuzzy speaker needs work. Also the camera looked like crap afterwards another review

    80. BH Blurr

      I remember watching you when u didnt even have 200k

    81. KobIII

      how abut the speakers?

    82. A

      My wish is that someone help me, even at a small price, to buy an iPhone 11, please do not ignore my comment that I only have 5 dollars

    83. Trash Clan 69

      The face id on my iPhone xs and now also on my 12 broke after dropping it in water

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    85. Pocket edition gaming live My name is Nick

      Good thing I have both phones

    86. farmer

      Give me iphone 7 please

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      Anyone else waiting for him to turn the cameras on! Like if you did.

    88. Apple is COOL

      can i have the give away link

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      Drop an I phone in my terrace water tank.

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      Anyone got the giveaway?

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    93. SM. Trailer


    94. SM. Trailer


    95. Yair rakhminov

      But what abt the speakers

    96. Markit Buhsan

      Hello bro please give me an iPhone 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    97. nadixk

      i dropped my iphone 12 in 3 inches of water for a minute before i found it and i have moisture in all my cameras and my face id doesn’t work anymore

    98. Sam

      Unboxing and watwrdrop test. My hearts is 😔


      Kindly please do water test of iPhone 12 Pro max.

    100. ASSSASIN USER🈺 Dulay

      Hi iwant iphone thats my dream im in philipines becuase my phone is oppo A5s to old